Sunday, November 28, 2010

Success & High Fives All Around

First and foremost I want to acknowledge my amazing trainee for losing pounds and body fat with an increase of water intake. I cannot express enough as to how proud I am. Like a momma bear seeing her cub grow...awww. At week two and is most likely on her way to her goal weight by early January, which I am ecstatic about (since her deadline is spring 2011).

As for myself and my training, I have to say that I am probably in the best shape I have ever been in my life. My 4 pack is coming up slowly to the surface. My muscle bellies are getting larger. My back is becoming more defined. And it all has to do with the two most important factors in getting in tip top shape: nutrition and exercise. People sometimes don't know this so I am going to say it again, you need both in order to lose weight/build muscle. You can't have one without the other if you want to see those amazing results.

I was browsing around at the health food store and found this AMAZING product, which I now use on a daily basis: Bragg Liquid Soy Sauce Seasoning Spray. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. The only two ingredients are soy beans and purified water. It is good for you as well. I can now enjoy spinach/broccoli/Chinese veggies with a few spritz of this sucker for that Chinese cuisine taste. Get some NOW. It will change the way you eat.

As I was stating in the last post, I have a couple of people who have taken interest into our services (Sam & I), which I am super excited about. Yes it is challenging. Yes it takes a lot of work to customize eating plans/making workout plans and everything in between, but in the is so worth it. Even if they had a couple of sessions or did the nutritional plan and eventually quit, I would know that they took away some very important information along with them. That little piece of information really does go a very long way. I know somewhere that I made a difference in their life one squat or one spoonful at a time.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Picking Up The Pace

Looks like things are finally buzzing and forreal this time. I have a couple of potential clients for personal training and I'm super excited about it. I have two this week already and hopefully more to come. I just love love LOVE it!!!

The one 'serious' girl I am training at the moment is well on her way to success. She has already adapted to her meal plan and is hitting the gym as much as she can...even at-home workouts as well. I adore her. I see her tomorrow for her 3rd session. Little does she know we are going to pick up the pace a tad bit. SUPRISE.

The other girl I am seeing for the first time on Wednesday is not new to the gym but is wanting to get back in shape and some days just does not have the time due to certain circumstances. With that in mind, I have made an arrangement with a friend who lives in this amazing condo...for her to train at the apartment gym they have there. I am so thankful as the gym has pretty much everything I need, which is dumbbells & a treadmill. Woot woot!

I am getting a little tired & bored of my workouts. You know what that means...yep its about that time to change it up again. Now all I have to do is decide which exercises I want to incorporate. I want to change it up a bit, make it challenging and least for the next couple of weeks. Tomorrow is leg day. I may just finish off with the exercises I already have set in my plan and then change it from there. I thoroughly enjoy making my own workout plans. It's enjoyable.

With being on a fat burner, one thing that definitely picks up in pace is my heart. I feel it going a million miles an hour sometimes and I'm not even doing anything crazy. I know its a little weird but I kinda enjoy the rush. Although, I always have to make sure I check my heart rate. I don't want to die yet...hehe.

Tomorrow is our last dodgeball game before the playoffs begin. We definitely need to BRING IT. Why you ask? Because we are playing against the number one team. I believe they are called "Dirty Free For Alls". Well Dirty Free For Alls...we "The IncrediBalls" have WAAAAY better shirts than you. So there. :D

Wish us luck.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Eat, Train, Grow

So tomorrow marks another great day when a friend decides to take that huge leap and does something about their physical and mental well-being. I absolutely love this part about training people. It drives me. I love helping people achieve their goals because not so long ago I was in the exact same position.

I am making her a nutritional plan as well as a workout plan. Already have the workout plan done but I still need some work on the nutritional side of things. Hopefully I can get that up and running by Thursday (which is when I want her to start her journey to success). This is the first time someone has ever taken this stuff seriously. I have had others drop after a week or so, which doesn't make me the happiest camper, but I just have to live with the fact that they are mentally/physically prepared to succeed. There is no doubt....anyone can succeed. It's all a mental game. Your body doesn't give's the mind that does.

Deadline is the middle of next year, so I am quite positive you will be hearing more of her in my many blogs to come.

...Until next time...