Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tea Vlog - My Tea & Me

So you think you are obsessed with tea?  Come view my obsession..err...I mean collection.  Krista, my girlfriend in Calgary, wanted to see who (out of us two) has the most tea in their personal stash....great idea right?  So without furthur ado, here is the vlog :D


>>> Now go watch Krista's Video Respsonse <<<

PS.  Yes...I am aware that I said "chamomile" wrong on the video but I didn't want to tape it again.  Silent "H"...I'll remember that next time :D

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Vlog 1 - 9 Weeks Out - Feb 21, 2012

The countdown is on 'til the CBBF Worlds.  Watch my latest video to see what's new in the life of "Kimmy"


Monday, February 20, 2012

From Novice to Coach: Stepping Stones in my Amazing Life

Yes, I myself was overweight and a beginner just like you.  I knew I needed help.  So what did I do?  

My trainers (Amy & Sam) helped me lose a combined total of 40+ lbs.  The journey was hard but rewarding/life changing.  After I got to my goal weight, I received numerous comments from family and colleagues about my transformation.  This gave me an idea....what if I were to help others transform their own bodies as well.  From there I decided I wanted to become a personal trainer.  Took the course, trained hard, worked hard and the rest is history.  

Being new to the personal training scene as of 2 years ago, business was slow.  I remember only having one or two clients, which thankfully I saw on a regular basis.  In a short amount of time, both of my AMAZING clients were seeing drastic results.  Word got around and ta-da...more business came my way.

Competing for the first time last year was also something very new to my life.  I have to admit I was nervous, scared, excited all at the same time if that is even possible.  Being new to the competition scene was also very intimidating.  I thought all the girls were going to be judgmental, catty and down-right mean....the kind of stuff you would see in movies where there is that ONE GIRL who is sabotaging everyone just to win (by the way, it isn't like that at all...not one bit).  Coming away with second place was  just an honor in my eyes...a dream come true....one of the best days of my entire life.

After the win, business was booming and I LOVED IT!  I even have one of my current clients competing for the first time THIS YEAR (Charmaine you are going to kill it).

Today was another giant step in my life.  Sara (who is one of the most spectacular trainers/coaches in Winnipeg) asked myself to coach some girls with posing & walking for the upcoming MABBA Novice 2012.  I immediately said "YES".  Everyone has to start from somewhere, right?  I definitely knew what it was like on stage, behind the stage and all the minor details in between.  The girls were just fantastic.  Karen, the little fire cracker.  Charmaine, the leg dominator and Chantel, the bombshell brunette.  Only minor tweaks were made but boy competition is going to be fierce this year.   I thoroughly enjoyed lending a hand in their lives, even if it was teenie tiny.  Just as rewarding as coaching my personal training clients.

Another bonus: a potential coaching jig was offered to me from a colleague of mine who works at the YMCA, as well as working for School Division #7.  Working with adolescent troubled girls interested in fitness and healthy lifestyles...she thought I would be great as a guest speaker to educate the young ladies.  Now normally, I would not do something like this since I absolutely am TERRIFIED of public speaking but this year is all about change and taking a risk...doing something that scares you.  So with that being said, tomorrow morning I will e-mail my girlfriend back telling her "YES...I 'm SO in!!!"

Be a leader. Be a motivator for someone.  You can make a difference for the better.  Do something that you believe in and make that dream come true.  It's all in you - everything you need is looking back at you in the mirror.  Take that step forward and never look back.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Don't Take Me Over To The Dark Side

I am writing this blog because my mind is doing silly things like thinking about walking over to the nearest store and buying some junk food.  If you..like me...are thinking this right now...PLEASE STOP!!!

I get asked on a regular basis what I normally do to curb cravings of sweets, treats and other delectable things.  So without further ado:


Now this is my go-to curb craver.  There are a vast amount of teas found that can be found at your nearest grocery store or at specialized retailers like David's Tea (my fav) or Teaopia.  Whether you have got a sweet tooth or just want something to soothe you & make you "feel full", tea's are a fun, calorie-free (most) way to tip toeing around eating junk food.   My Current Favs: Grocery Store - "Very Cherry Berry" by Celestial, Teaopia - "S'more's Tea", David's Tea - "Forever Nuts"

Sugar Free Jello

Only finding out about this amazing treasure a couple of month's ago, Sugar Free Jello (from the refrigerated section of the grocery store) is a trip back into childhood.  You have to be careful with this one as there is sugar free pudding BUT those contain sugar alcohols, which is still a form of sugar/carb.  Be careful!!!  The regular sugar free jiggly Jello on its nutritional label only contains protein..YIPPEE!

Shirataki Noodles

WHAT?  Did you say calorie free?  These are truly miracle noodles.  Calorically, this jem is guilt-free.  Only Dietary Fiber is displayed on the nutritional label - something that we all need to make bowel movements, as well as trim our waist lines.  There are two kinds of these noodles: Traditional "zero-net carb" Noodles (found at Asian Food Stores) and Tofu Shirataki Noodles (found at Safeway & Muscles By Meyers).  The tofu ones have more calories due to the protein extracted from the tofu with very minimal carbs.  Most common ways to cook these is to heat them on a frying pan or boil them for a soup.  

Crunchy, sour and satisfying are the words that come to mind when I bite into a pickle.  I am sure most can attest to eating 5-10 in one sitting (points to chest).  So instead of grabbing that bag of chips, search for the pickle jar all the way in the back of the fridge.  Watch out though - some pickles have added sugar/carbs.  Always look at the labels before you buy :D

Seaweed Snacks

If there is one thing I love, it's salty snacks.  These do the job.  Both crunchy and salty, these babies are a sure-fire way to curb any chip cravings.  Mind you, seaweed is an acquired taste, so PLEASE just buy a small bag first and see if you like it.  If you bought a big bag and don't like it...GIVE IT TO ME!!  You can buy these individually seaweed snack packs at Asian Food Stores near the sushi products.


Mostly high in fiber, these treats are a great curb craver.  One of the great benefits of fiber is the "satisfied" or "filling" feeling you have after consuming.  So if you are in between meals and just aching for something to eat, vegetables are your best friend.  Again, just be careful as not all vegetables are created equal.  Some contain carbs such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, tomatoes, carrots, beets, and squash - these are just examples.

Extra's "Dessert Delights"

Fitness friends alike are flocking to the stores and stocking up on this truly fantastic dessert gum.  The flavours are just unreal and unlike anything we have seen on the market in a long time.  With a little bit of sugar alcohols, these are not doing to be too damaging as compared to eating a big slice of a "real" apple pie.  My fav flavours: Apple Pie, Key Lime Pie, and Orange Creamsicle.

So now, go get in your car to the nearest grocery store and STOCK UP on all of the above.  When you are prepared and ready for whatever temptations you have...you will be set.  Hello World...here I am...my willpower is ironclad.

The only person stopping you from being your optimal self...is YOU.

Think about it and ENJOY this BEAUTIFUL SATURDAY.

Happy & Healthy Eating :D

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Old "Me"

Just looking back on how far I've come, I remember it being so difficult...the journey being never ending.  This is how that story goes...


Minutes were enduring and excruciating.  I couldn't eat.  I couldn't sleep.  All I would do is replay how it happened OVER...and OVER...and OVER again.  It was exhausting.  I kept on telling myself I wanted a change for "ME" but who was I kidding.   I was so angry, sad, depressed and wanted that "revenge" body to get him back or at least a tiny fraction of his attention.  

Here are some steps I took to drastically change my life for the better

Step 1: Get a gym membership & GO to the gym!!!
I walked into the nearest gym, which was Shapes Pembina and signed on the dotted line and also got a personal trainer. CHECK.

I always found solace at the gym.  It was MY time - no one elses.  I would take out any angry feelings about my situation.  In fact, it was push me harder when doing those nasty squats and lunges.  I knew each time I stepped onto those gym floors, a mental weight would be lifted off my chubby unshapely shoulders.  Endorphins are truly the best!

Someone to kick my glutes every couple of days worked wonders for my body transformation.  Amy, my trainer, was also a friend...someone else to listen to my jibber jabber ramblings of my life.  I never knew how to do weights properly up until she introduced them into my routines.  For without her, I don't even know what my body would look like to this date.

There would be days I would spend a good 2 hours at the gym (now - I would never do that since I know better as this would of been in the "over-training" category).  I would SMASH each and every workout: increasing weights, reps, minutes.  I knew each time I made an effort to head to the gym for a workout, would be one step/one day closer to achieving my ultimate goal.

Step 2: TRY to eat properly again
I remember stepping on the scale and it reading 10-15 lbs less than my normal weight.  I knew this was definitely not the proper way to lose weight.  Something had to be changed.  My stomach was longing and begging for food after many weeks of my depression and practically starving myself.  I started off slowly increasing my food intake.  Finding it hard to eat?  Yup that was me.  I just kept thinking "baby steps...baby steps."

Step 3: STOP binge eating/Clean Eating
One of the most difficult things you can do in your life is stick to a "clean eating" nutritional plan.  Kim (3-5 years ago): Sneaking junk food into my room to add to my stash...driving out to buy junk food...eating late night snacks...eating and studying with junk food in front of me...eating whatever I wanted when out with friends - these were just some of the things I would do to satisfy my cravings.  I remember looking in the mirror and thinking "I know I can be better than this".

I FINALLY got some assistance from my trainer and good friends.  Yes, the food was not as tasty as my delectable french fry friends or chips, but I knew clean eating was the only way I could truly transform.  I got myself a nutritional P.O.A. (Plan of Action) and did my best to follow.  I never knew how the food I put into my body would be more important than my workouts.

After all, 75-80% of what you eat is how your body composition will turn out.

Step 4: Find a good support system
Having a support circle of close family and friends will increase your percentage of success...whatever it may be.

If it wasn't for my good friends, I do not know where I would be today.  Thinking back now, I am so sure you all were sick of hearing me repeat things again and again.  Sorry for that but thanks for listening and being there when I needed you the most.  I appreciate every moment you were able to spare.  :D

Step 5: Get a good night's sleep
Sounds easy right?  Not in my case.  Over-thinking can be damaging when you want or in my case NEED to sleep.  I would toss and turn.  Nothing would help.  Somedays I would clamp my fist and hit the bed begging my brain "PLEASE LET ME SLEEP".  I clearly remember one day where I didn't sleep at all.  48 hours minus sleep is me in zombie-mode.  Not good.

For a last ditch effort, I turned to over-the-counter sleeping pills.  I desperately needed some shut eye.  I was aware of the side effects as once taken can be addicting but to me it was worth the risk. I was mentally and physically tired.

Sleep is when your body repairs and actually builds...something I didn't know at the time...something I wish I knew :S

Weeks went by and FINALLY I was able to sleep without the pills.  THANK GOD!  I guess the sleep fairy missed my house all this time :D

Such a easy thing to do but for some reason I didn't want to.  I found it so difficult to remember to drink water.  I am sure my body was aching for just a drop.

That all changed when I started working out at the gym.  I bought myself a fancy water bottle - so really there would not be an excuse not to drink.  Overtime, my water consumption increased and WHAT...my weight went down too?  Who knew!

These are just some of the things which aided in my transformation.  I truly hope this helps at least one person realize their true potential.  170lbs to 125 lbs....that happened with hard work, dedication, willpower and determination.  

If I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT TOO!!!