Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dustin' for some Adjustin'

So it's that time again to refocus and re-evaluate my goals for the remainder of the year. Since I already surpassed my goal of getting into the Top 3 in my short bikini class at the 2011 MABBA Novice Competition, I need to set some deadlines and focus on the next big thing for my career and future. There is always room for improvement.

My NEW wellness goals for the 2011 year are as follows:
  • At the gym, push myself HARD for the next 3 months. Who knows...maybe my body will be ready to do the Provincials/FAME Prairies/WBFF

  • Carb up for this month ONLY - I have to start cutting again for the two months after the "carb" month. I do not want to see ribs on my body when I pose any longer (never a good thing)

  • Back to life. Back to reality - No more junk food...err well maybe a bit. Just not a much as I did the week after Novice (gained 5-10 lbs...yikes)

  • Promoting Muscles By Meyers to a higher extreme then ever before.  I am now a sponsored athlete, so I better be holding up my end of the bargain.  More clients for my business means more revenue for Meyers.  A win-win situation!  

  • Focus on my glutes & abdominals - two of my weakest points. Looks like I am going to dedicate two days to each of you during the workout week

  • Work on my posing. Practice makes perfect. Even though I've been hearing rave reviews on my stage presence at the Novice, I want to make sure I feel 100% confident and satisfactory with it.

  • I want to be one of the few Asian women out there in this sport. There are a select few who have made it and I want to be alongside them on my journey to the top. They are truly inspiring.

  • So with that being said, I better get a good night's rest.

    Goodbye world. Until tomorrow.

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    Tuesday, March 29, 2011

    Video Footage of My Journey To The 2011 MABBA Novice Competition

    Check out some of the video footage leading up to the 2011 MABBA Novice Competition that I compiled together.  


    Sunday, March 27, 2011

    Post-Contest Food Festivities #2

    Well if you guys haven't already seen the 1st blog I did about my food adventures, check it out here. This week has been all about indulging on food I haven't touched in months...maybe even a year. With that being said, let the eating begin. And they're off....

  • Caramel Crepe first thing in the morning & lucky us we had a coupon (I LOVE YOU WAGJAG.CA). We ordered "The Rooster" (mozzarella, ham & egg), "Joy" (mozzarella, banana & cinnamon sugar), & "Pacific" (smoked salmon, cream cheese & chives). The rooster was nice & simple since I haven't had any breakfast-type food in a long time. The pacific was so tasty. I enjoy most smoked salmon menu items but what topped it off was the cream cheese inside. Joy was excellent. I really could not distinguish the mozzarella inside the crepe but nonetheless it was a "sweet" choice.
  • ______________________________________

  • Hu's Asian Bistro was our second stop of the day. I already knew from previous experience the food wasn't the best quality in the restaurant business but it doesn't hurt to give anything a second or in my case third chance. It also made our selection of restaurant easier because again we had a coupon. We ordered "Crispy Lemon Chicken", "Sizzling Chow Mein", & "Pad Thai". The chow mein was great because I thoroughly enjoyed the crispiness of the noodles. The pad thai was good...a tad bit spicy but still worthy of putting in my mouth. And now we come to the "Crispy Lemon Chicken". First off, it wasn't crispy. It was moreso soggy. Secondly, the chicken was too sour. I guess the Chef who made it went a little crazy on the lemon juice. It was intolerable. We ended up sending it back to the kitchen and exchanging it with "Crispy Honey Chicken". It was better but a little salty. We (Sam and I) thought one complaint was enough for the day. So we packed our food up and went to our next destination.

  • ______________________________________

  • Lilac Bakery is THE BEST bakery in all of Winnipeg. How do I know? Well my mouth knows best...that's how I know. I already had the idea of picking up a red velvet cupcake (hmm cream cheese icing) but I wanted to see what other AMAZING goodies they had to offer. Sam and I saw one cupcake that stood out among the pack, which was the "Cookies and Cream" cupcake. was a mini cupcake too. No commitments...that's how I like it (jk). We also were intrigued by the "apple sauce" cupcake.
    We asked the counter attendant as to how it was made. He said "apple sauce is baked inside the cupcake." I thought to myself "what the heck...why not." Red Velvet = perfect 10. Apple sauce cupcake was kinda crumbly but decent. Now second runner up is the cookies & cream cupcake. I absolutely loved the fact the icing had oreo bits instead of what I am normally used to whenever it comes to C&C (smooth texture). I adored the crunchy bits. It made the cupcake so special. Something I've never had. Go check it out.

  • ______________________________________

  • Hu's Asian Bistro again?  Well yes.  The reason was because Sam scammed the deal site out of two coupons.  So us giving it a 4th time try was something that was inevitable.   We kept it simple.  Our motto "stick to what we know is good".  We got the chow mein again, fried rice and opted for the dry spareribs after a recommendation from our lovely waitress.  This time I wasn't disappointed.  THANK GOODNESS.  So I tell you this Hu's Bistro... you are OKAY in my books...just okay.  Just don't screw up again.   
  • ______________________________________

  • Oakwood Cafe was just a 5-minute drive from Sam's and another great thing was YES....we had a coupon. It was quiet and quaint. I immediate thought "I like it". The server was impressively friendly. More tip for you buddy! I ordered the "Rachael" (Turkey breast on rye with sauerkraut & thousand island dressing - mozzarella cheese melted). It was so yummy. I recommend it to anyone that chooses to go there for a bite to eat. Sam had a sloppy chili burger. He ended up with a chili beard. It was just too funny. 

  • ______________________________________

  • Chocolate Zen Bakery was one of those spots in the city that I've always wanted to try and today was the day. Their display was exquisite but what really caught my eye was a pastry labeled "Magic Cookie". Well with a name like that, it was imperative to give it a go. Sam and I had our first bite and immediately were in love...not with each other but the cookie...haha.  So amazing.  I kept raving about it for a good 30 minutes after we devoured it.  Yes it is that good. 

  • ______________________________________

  • Magic Sushi on McPhillips was one restaurant I have always wanted to try since it was an All-You-Can-Eat for 10.95. Now that's a deal. A friend of mine told me they had just opened up a new location called Magic Sushi #2. We decided to give it a go. It was a smaller place. Nothing too special about the atmosphere. We ordered from the applicable menu items and patiently waited. The food was decent tasting. My one complaint was the seafood that was on the sushi was teenie tiny like it was for a child. I am paying good money for this...cmon guys! LOL

  • ______________________________________

  • Marble Slab was the last on our list of places to go. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Marble Slab. I am a huge fan of their birthday cake flavoured ice cream with chunks of cookie dough. I had said this prior to ordering the usual but Sam said "try something different for a change". Why not? So I ordered the "Candied Apple" (sweet cream ice cream with apple pie chunks, caramel and M&M's). I have to say it was interesting. I didn't understand the M&M's at first until I re-read the actual name of the flavour...candied apple. at the Red River Ex fair. Would I get it again? Probably not but definitely worth a try once in your life.

    To Sum Up: After this week, I am positive I have gained a good 5-10 lbs back onto my not-so-chiseled body.  But I did deserve it after many strict meal plans for the months leading up to the competition.  This is not something I would recommend.  It comes to a point where your body will start to hate you.  Right now, my body misses the strict nutritional plan.  Time to go back to "normal".  Bye bye junk food.  Until we meet again on our next food adventure.  

  • Saturday, March 26, 2011

    Feature Friday....About ME on "Krista Does Life"

    Hey everyone, check out my girlfriend Krista's blog for a short interview with yours truly for her new segment called "Feature Fridays".   I am the first feature of her new segment...with that I am very honored. Thanks so much for taking a interest in my story Krista.   Thanks for spreading the word.  

    Now everyone...GO AND READ IT!!!

    Tuesday, March 22, 2011

    Monday, March 21, 2011

    Friday, March 18, 2011

    Vlog 5 - Countdown 2 days

    It's almost GO Time.  A short video for your viewing pleasure.  


    Wednesday, March 16, 2011

    A Trainee Writing About Me.....Could It Be?

    Check out my girl Destini's blog for my short and sweet interview at "Running Down The Aisle" as well as great recipes and etcetera.


    Tired + Spontaneality = Messy with a Side of Tears

    Well this day was all over the place.  I woke up to clinging, clanging and the smoke alarm...only to find Sam in the kitchen making all my meals for the day.  He is so considerate.  Such a great help.  How I adore him.

    I went to see Haley for my first session, then Charmaine shortly after.  By then, my back was achy.  I was sore all over and fatigue just took over.  Charmaine was nice enough to give me a lift back to Sam's instead of me taking the bus or walking.  Thank Goodness.

    As soon as I got to Sam's, his roommate Kevin handed over his cellphone saying it was Sam on the other end.  My blackberry had conveniently died earlier that day.  Apparently he was trying to reach me all day.  He even went to pick me up from the gym.  Ahhh I'm such a dork.  He exclaimed to come downstairs quickly.  I jumped in his Jeep and I immediately could tell he was happy.  He had planned this great evening for us.  He wanted to book a hotel to do a photo shoot of the two of us WITH a D-SLR camera, which we were about to purchase at the store.  A smile came across my face.  Awww what a guy huh?  But he wanted to make a quick stop at Showtime Supplements to get Darryl's advice if he should compete or not.  Great for me because I coincidently had my bikini and heels with me...just in case he had time to do a impromptu posing session.  I did my walk/pose and both Sam and Darryl said I was FANTASTIC.  Now this just makes me SO EXCITED.  Sam also got some great tips and advice on his nutrition and physique.  He is now reconsidering coming back on board to enter in the Novice Competition...woo hoo!  I am not alone after-all.

    After we had purchased the D-SLR camera and a new printer (so I can print out my client documents...much needed), we gathered all our things and made our food for the night stay at a random hotel in Winnipeg.  We drove up to the Osbourne Motor Hotel and thought it was kinda grungy looking.  We did a little drive down Pembina and no luck.  Alas, we came back to the apartment and put all our stuff back.  I know...sounds like a hassle and it was.  I was a little upset and so was Sam.  We had a little bit of an argument about some things, which lead myself in tears.  No worry guys.  It's just my low carbs that is doing this to my body.  I am okay and we are okay :D

    Tomorrow is our photo shoot with Mirah.  Sam and I chose some outfits to wear for the Snap Fitness shoot.  We have decided it is actually going to be a shoot for US and not the business, as we need ACTUAL clients in the shot as well.  Damn last minute Kimmy.  My fault.  Next time.

    Well I better get some shut eye.  No bags please.  Ta ta 4 now.


    ps.  no Vlog today.  I'm pooped and my hair is in a Hair turban fresh from the shower...YA no :D

    Monday, March 14, 2011

    Sunday, March 13, 2011

    Vlog 3 - Countdown 7 days

    Sorry in advance for the low volume in some parts of the video. Man I look so sad. It's the lack of carbs.

    Quote of the day: “Smile, even if it's a sad smile, because sadder than a sad smile is the sadness of not knowing how to smile.”


    Well it never happened.

    We (Char, Maria, Reyna and Kelsey) got to Alive around 10:30 pm, which as most of your know is SUPER EARLY to go to the bar. At approximately 10:45 pm, they said they weren't letting anyone else in for awhile. So we booked it out of there. Good thing as my feet were ice cold. I thought they were gonna fall off. "This little piggy went to the FREEZER." Brrrrr

    Reyna and I decided we still wanted to live it up, so we went to Bar I on Corydon. It was quite nice. No hoochies there. Thank goodness. I had my year's worth of them at Area the other weekend. Never again. Categories of conversation went from the past, present and what to expect in the future. I had a great time. It is nice to get away from the bar scene every now and then. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love to dance but everyone needs their down time. We ended up staying out til 3 am (yikes). With the time change, I completely forgot. It came and went: my plan of coming home early (pertaining to the last vlog). Thanks daylight savings time *shakes fist to sky

    With that, I woke up dead tried at 10 am knowing full well I had a session in less than an hour. I woke up to a serious Sam cutting up and measuring of what I thought was "my" salmon. I asked him "What are you doing? Is that my salmon?" He said "Yes." Aww so nice. His reasoning as to why he was being so generous is so he wouldn't get tempted to go to the grocery store and buy junk food. I am ever so thankful for that ;D

    Saturday, March 12, 2011

    Vlog 2 - Countdown 8 days

    No editing and no scripts. Just the real deal. Another day closer to the competition and another day passes where I feel crap-tastic. I hope I do not fall on my face this evening at Alive. My wish: to be back by 12:00 am to get some much needed sleep. The things I do for friends...haha.

    Smile You Are On Camera :D

    So this week is going to be a busy one for me. I have the great pleasure to work with three talented photographers, each with their own personal style. Check out their Flickr pages below:

    With Mirah, we are going to do a shoot first thing in the morning at an unknown location as of yet. Her photos are going to be used for our media (business cards, brochures, website, etc). We are in the process of finding a location. There are just a couple of people who have to get back to us (Sam and I). With Mark, it'll be my first boudoir shoot. I have never done one before. Kind of nervous since he had said the shoot is going to be in some woman's basement. Sounds like a horror story waiting to happen LOL. Doing a boudoir shoot will be one less list item on my bucket list. MUST CROSS OFF With Brian, we are doing our shoot on the actual day of competition. This is when I will look my driest, tightest and most conditioned. I absolutely NEED to capture this on film. Capture all my hard work, dedication and will power within his lens. What is even better is that Sam had surprised me the other week and booked a suite at the Hotel Fort Garry. Awww I know. So great of him. Even better is that they have this amazing hardcore gym, which is where we would do some of the shoot. Who would of guessed the Hotel Fort Garry would have a gym like that? Cherry on top: we get the free ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT...I repeat ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT brunch on Sunday morning...GAWD! I am so frickin' excited. ("It's so fluffy" type reaction from Despicable Me).

    Now to find outfits. This is gonna be a long process LOL

    Young and the Restless

    I am beyond tired but I just cannot fall asleep. I keep on tossing and turning. Perhaps it is because I keep on thinking too much. Kind of reminds me of the days when I was going through the breakup. "ACK Kim's body....please go into shutdown mode and go to bed please." I am so weak and so very tired. I am hoping this blog will put me to sleep. I just popped some Melatonin. I really hope it helps or else I will not be a happy camper tomorrow morning.

    When I was practicing earlier at the YMCA, there were times I felt so faint and I was gonna collapse. I am so glad I didn't. "Heart don't fail me now. Courage don't desert me. Don't turn back now that we're here." Yah I just quoted Disney's

    Tomorrow is a little more laidback than today. I have one session with Destini at 11 am, where we will be taking a couple of shots with her D-SLR camera for her own blog "Running to the Aisle". Check it out. Now let's all hope you will not be able to see my bags underneath my eyes...eek.

    After the session, I will most likely do my own workout. Now I had mentioned in my vlog that it was my last leg workout the other day but REALLY tomorrow is the last leg day. So I will try to push it to the limits with the energy I have with a little bit of practice on the side.

    At 3:00 pm is when I get to finally have some downtime and relax with my eyelash refill appointment at Nails 2000 on Taylor and Harrow. The last time I fell asleep in the process. I kinda hope I do again if I don't get any sleep tonight.

    Which takes me to the evening. Now I have 2 birthdays to attend to but really I do not know if I'll have the strength. I guess we will have to wait and see what tomorrow brings. Until then...sleep or try to.


    Friday, March 11, 2011

    Vlog 1 - Countdown 9 days

    ENjoy my morning ramblings. Sorry about the slurring...give me a break...I just woke up :D

    Thursday, March 10, 2011

    9 Days....

    I went for my second posing session with Darryl today at Showtime Sports Supplements, and boy did it go well. It is just so great to get this one-on-one coaching. I would of never got this treatment if I went to a posing seminar with 30 other girls for $25-$35. Robbery I tell you. I just love getting the instant critique. He also gave me some great pointers and tips for when I am on the big stage. What are they you ask? Well that's my secret. I threw away the key already. Sorry :D

    Now that I can "walk the walk", I feel 10 times more confident than a couple of days ago. All I need now is for my bikini to be all jazzed up with my padding and I'll be good to go. Practice each and every day=ticket to success. I got a great support system in my AMAZING boyfriend Sam, my "girls" (trainees), friends and family. I am doing this show NOT ONLY FOR MYSELF, but for all the haters and for all my trainees so they can see that ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE if you have a goal. Hard work, sweat, tears, and dedication do go a long way. You'll see.

    I cannot wait for the stage show now. Yes I have to admit it is quite nerve racking, but I think I got a real good chance to make it in the top 5 considering that as of now there are only 6 girls registered.

    Last but certainly not least....MISS KIMBERLY HO on stage!!!

    ps. stay tuned for my teeth whitening experiment :D

    Tuesday, March 8, 2011

    Win an IPAD2

    I don't know about you but I want an iPad2. Just answer the simple question and be entered to win. DO IT!

    daily deals

    Strike A Pose

    I had my first session of posing with Darryl this evening. I am just so thankful he was able to fit me in his busy schedule. I was quite nervous as to what to expect. I slipped on my clear heels and into my shorts/workout top. Darryl turned up the music. He told me to have a beat or song in my head. I immediately thought "Sexy Bitch" by David Guetta and Akon. That's MY jam. So when I did my first walk, I had a lot of mistakes. Now let's list them off: not smiling, always looked down at the ground when making a turn or pivoting, my chin down and a bit of my stance was off. So we went over my walk and posing over and over and over again until I got it down. Darryl said my walk was way better at the end of the session then it was at the beginning, which I am so ecstatic about. All I need to do now is work on my breathing techniques to push my core out instead of what I am normally used to (sucking it in/vacuuming). I meet with Darryl again on Thursday. Until then, practice...practice...practice. I can do this. Easy. No problem.

    I got my bikini in the mail the other day but it definitely needs work. Because of my low body fat percentage, I lost all my chest. Not fun at all. But Sam and I went to Fabric Land the other day and I found padding inserts to fix that little problem. Hallelujah! So now I am getting a friend's mother to take a look to do some adjustments to it. Cross your fingers that it'll be done by this week. I really want a chance to practice in it.

    I really think I got a great chance in being in the top 5 for my medium class. Only 12 days away. Let's do this!!!

    Thursday, March 3, 2011

    Awesomeness in a Blog

    So my good buddy Eldon and I came up with THE most brilliant idea this morning while on the topic of blogs: to create the ultimate blog for food lovers in Winnipeg. The basis would be for us to review/photog all the places we would dine at and gain popularity & traffic that way.

    Awesome or what? I know...just GENIUS! But this will only start when I finish my competition, which is just creeping up around the corner (18 days eek!). I absolutely cannot wait. My mouth is salivating already for all the scrumptious goodies that will be chewed up in my happy, smiling mouth :D I better get my fat pants on. This is going to be one ride of a lifetime, or until my heart stops beating due to a heart attack from the greasy food. COMING SOON...

    On another note: I was just tallying up all my clients today and WOW we at the 12 person mark. That to me is just insane. I LOVE LOVE LOVE what I do. It is by far the best job/career I have ever had. I am so very passionate about their journey to achieve their goals when it comes to total body wellness. The gratification on their faces makes me want MORE MORE MORE.

    If you are one of "my girls", please do tell your friends and family members about Sam & I. We are glad to take on new clients at any time.

    Wednesday, March 2, 2011

    "Free" - Nelly Furtado

    I adore the word "FREE". My eyes just light up with joy. Now this blog may be boring to anyone who doesn't tan, but for those who do, ONWARD WITH YOU....

    Recently, I saw an advertisement for a week's work of complimentary tanning at Lava Sun Tan Studios. Before this week, I have never heard of it this place. So, I grabbed my friend Joe and we went together to check, check, check it out.

    We got a tour of the place and all 3 beds available to clients: level 1 bed, level 2 bed, and a level 3 bed. Now the complimentary tanning only came with the level 1 bed but Morgan, the manager, had mentioned for an extra $3 you can upgrade to the level 2 bed OR for an extra $6 you can get the level 3 bed. I automatically opted for the highest level due to my upcoming competition and my need to get dark as I can.

    Visually, the bed looks l like a spacecraft, which is completely opposite of what I am used to at Fabutan and TanFX. When I got in the tanning bed, I felt like I was in the spaceship. The bed heated up right away. The bulbs were amazing hot, which I love. I love to have that little pool of sweat under me. They have a great facial tanner and many different adjustments for cooling fans at different points on your body. Only 9 minutes had gone by and by that time I was done. I jumped out of the bed and noticed a trail of sweat following. I know gross....shh u. I said to myself "damn that's a good bed". I wiped down everything and yep there was a lot of wipe up.

    I exited my room and talked to the owner a bit longer. Cross your fingers ladies and gents, as you could be looking at the new Lava Sun Tan Studios girl. Woot woot! Just casual for now as my schedule as a personal trainer is all over the place and never constant anyways, so It would fit quite nicely. Plus I would adore the free tanning the company would offer as a benefit (YES!!!). I highly recommend this studio to everyone I know. I feel in love after only 1 session. It is well worth the drive for this amazing studio. Check it out for yourself while this promotion still lasts. GO NOW!!!