Saturday, January 29, 2011

TRX Training.....who and the what now???

When I found out my old trainer Amy from Shapes was having a special at the company she is currently working for at Everest Training Centres, I had to jump on the chance. I wanted some insight to see if the way I have been training myself has been effective, what I would need work on, and how to achieve the desired criteria to prep myself for the competition in less than 2 months time.

I had briefly sent her an message earlier on in the week stating I was just coming off of the flu and she should take it easy on me.

What I was in for was definitely a treat....a bitter but good one :D
TRX Suspension Training is something I have always wanted to try. Some of the celebrities use this type of training to tone their amazing physiques. TRX stands for Total Resistance eXercise. What it is, is a cable-like system designed for you to workout anywhere you are.....a revolutionary method of leveraged bodyweight exercise. It may look easy but I can tell you right now IT IS NOT!!!

She explained we were going to use the TRX system for the majority of the workout. This is what the program looked like:
  • 15 pushups
  • 20 dual legged squats
  • 20 leaning back rows
  • 15 v-situps in air
  • 20 one-legged squats
  • 20 side leg swings (glutes, hip flexors)
  • 15 leaning tricep rows
  • 15 leg pull-ins
  • 15 one-legged squat jumps
  • 15 lat pulldowns on the machine.
Everything was done on the TRX system except the pull downs. Total body workout indeed!!! When I attempted to get started with the push-ups, my body did not know what to do. My limbs were whaling around everywhere. Not too pretty. I got into the swing of things around the fourth rep of the first exercise. I kept on saying to Amy "this is so weird" or "wow". I was most definitely put to the test. There are just so many factors involved. You are fighting with gravity, using your body weight for resistance and engaging that core strength to stabilize yourself. I have to say I was sweating so much afterward with a small side of an urge to hurl. I highly recommend this type of training. But trainee beware, I would only recommend this to someone who is at an intermediate level of fitness as this is quite strenuous and demanding on the body. I, myself, absolutely love it and will be doing it again sometime soon. A+++. Go check the Everest Training Centre website or for TRX suspension training near you. It is truly an experience worth least once. C'mon...don't be scarrrred.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Busy as a Bee

It is only January and I can honestly say this is going to be the best year yet!!! Just this month alone, Sam & I, have seen an increase of clients which to me is just a true blessing. Each and every one of you who have decide to jump on board with us...I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. It makes me truly happy to help others for total wellness. After all, we are not just personal trainers but "coaches in wellness."

What touches my heart the most is when someone is inspired by my own trials and tribulations. I told one of my clients to read my blog from start to finish. I wanted her to read within my own words the slow and gradual gaining of inner strength after what I have to say was the hardest breakup in my life thus far. After reading some of my posts, she had expressed a great motivational drive for her to achieve some of the things I have accomplished as well. WOW. Little did I know my little blog would be such a inspirational tool. Even reading some random posts before...I was one weak and sad girl. But I can proudly say now that "THAT GIRL IS LONG GONE".

At the gym today while walking around the track with my good buddy Joe, he started to film a video on his iPhone. We made this short 1 min video of my brief journey and my goals. I got to see it a couple of hours later on Facebook. *ding Lightbulb. Let's make a documentary for the journey to the MABBA competition which is less than 8 weeks away. This project starts tomorrow *cross my fingers. Just like these blogs posts, it is really nice to have something to look back on. Because once a moment goes by you can't get it back. So why not capture it or "document" it instead...right?

Speaking of the Novice competition, Sam says I have to start practicing my walk and posing this week. "And I do my little turn on the catwalk". I have to strut my stuff down the centre stage, do a front pose, turn around for a back pose, and frontal pose again with a walk to the back of the stage. Shouldn't be too hard right? Let's just hope I do not fall on my face considering the high heeled stripper shoes I will need to wear. Eek! I also have to get a bikini but not just any bikini. The bikini has to have a v shape at the back aka "let's see your bum". Kinda revealing but its a mandatory. I have seen a few I really it is just a matter of picking one. Decisions... decisions.

Well it's late. Time for beddy bye. Thanks for reading!!!

ps. note to self: don't fall behind in blog posts...people read them...geeez.


Monday, January 10, 2011

You Are The Weakest Link....Goodbye!

So Sam told me this story about Arnold Swarchenegger when he first started training. The weakest point on his body were his calves, therefore he wore shorts to show the whole world that they needed work. I am adopting this method to my own personal growth.

My weakest point right now has got to be my core/midsection. My solution: do as Arnold would do and wear a pair of shorts and a sports bra....yep...that's it that's all. Sure I feel a little uncomfortable at times but I have to get to the point where I am comfortable in my own skin. Makes sense now doesn't it? So while my wobbly bits are flying people who stare can make fun of me now. Just do it while you can. It'll be short-lived. It won't be that way for much longer. Hasta la vista, baby!!!

With the new year comes new resolutions. With that, brand spanking new members at the YMCA Downtown...yippee. While I applaud some of the new members of the gym when they work up a sweat, there are always others who just come for a water cooler conversation telling you how they used to look like and what they USED to bench. We are all here for a reason: to workout. So less talking and more sweating.

Only 2 months away from competition time and let me tell you now....time is definitely flying. I cannot even believe it. I am still having doubts as to if I will be ready. Will I have to wait another year perhaps? I hope not. It is one of my goals to be on that stage and from there on out tell people "I AM A BODYBUILDER." To utter those words would be just amazing.

One day