Friday, July 22, 2011

Sadness turned Happiness...eventually

Lately, I've been noticing a lot of heartbreak/breakups in my circle of friends. It just saddens me to see the pain in their eyes. Constantly bombarded with lines from friends like "You are strong. You can get through this."...when really...for's the hardest thing they are going through at this point in their lives. I know because I've been there.

This blog was and still is my sole outlet for expressing my thoughts and feelings, especially in times of despair. Sure, it's easy for me to say "get over it." but at the same the infamous quote goes "Time heals all wounds."

My thoughts/suggestions/advice for my friends with broken hearts: Don't sit around in your dark room all day long curled up in your bed listening to sad love songs. Keep yourself active/busy, therefore keeping your mind busy. The gym is your best friend. The reason why? When u workout, your body releases a hormone, which in turn makes you happy (endorphins). Optimize this feeling.

With time, you will see how strong you REALLY are.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Another One Bites The Dust

So this is my month numero 2 for prepping for next year's MABBA Provincial Competition.

So far so good.  I have seen many improvements over the past month in my body (legs, glutes, mid-section - which are my weaker points).  My upper body still needs some more mass to it.  With that, I am consuming more carbs than before.  It nice to have carbs again.  I have tons of energy and my muscles look fuller.

Another motivational force for me is that its that time of year again...BIKINI/BEACH TIME!  Everyone wants to look fabulous and with many events coming around the corner (this month or next), I gotta look my best.  I also have a new obsession.  I have to confess I am SO ADDICTED to buying BIKINI'S.  In the last 2 weeks, I have bought 4 bikini's.  I am finding it hard to close my drawer I use to store them in.  It bad because everytime I go to the beach now, I see other girls in their bikini's and I say to myself "Kim, you need to find one just like that.  It would probably look fantastic on you."  SO awful.  So the addiction continues.  It probably will today too since my bud Charmaine and I are going shopping for her birthday dress at the MALL (dun...dun...dunnnn - scary music).

Charmaine also mentioned there is going to be a fashion show coming up in August and the promoter is looking for models to be featured in it.  She asked me if I wanted in.  I obviously said "YES"!  It would be great exposure for we get to be all dolled up...probably meet new people too.  So yet another motivational force to keep this fitness dream alive.

YOU CAN DO THIS.  EASY.  NO PROBLEM.  - My and always!