Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Holly Jolly Off-Season

Oh it's that special time of the year again!  Kinda like Christmas but WAY BETTER!  I am talking about "off-season"!!!

I say better because the weather is spectacular, my tan is au natural and my presents/gifts are my yummy treat meals :D

Wednesday is my last photo shoot of the year with the great True Charisma Photography (the last one FOR REAL this time).  I will officially be on "growth season" after that.  (Cue red velvet cupcake after last shot of the day is taken).  

Here are some of the things I will miss most:

  • My slender frame (Say hello to Holly Jolly Kimmy..HO HO HO)
  • My abs (Bye bye my dear friends)
  • Fitting into my XS clothing (WAAAAaaaahhhh)

Here are some of the things I will not miss one bit:

  • Two-a-days at the gym, specifically speaking about CARDIO (Eww)
  • Minimal carbs (I love my oats too much!)
  • Water depleting (I hate this part since water is my go-to liquid)
  • ....oh and did I mention doing cardio?  LOL

Most competitors are not lean & mean all year round (besides the pros).  What the fitness magazine show you is a fitness model at their peak.  They didn't just wake up and decide "HEY, I am going to do a photo shoot today."  

In my opinion, it takes a good 3-4 weeks of prep to be absolutely ready for a shoot.  If you are paying the photographer or even if they are offering their services complimentary...one should not waste their time and yours as well.  If you want amazing shots, you had better be putting in the work.  The camera really does add 10 lbs.  Be prepared!

If you ever see an off-season fitness model, they are a tad bit bloated than say their on-stage physique, approximately 5-15 lbs heavier and able to lift heavier weights than on pre-contest (due to the increase of energy from carbs).  

Let's face it!  If you want to see changes within your physique (even minor ones) an off-season is essential.   Temporary changes such as bloated-ness will happen but ALL OF US should embrace the changes in our "houses". 

Brick by brick...we grow to be better than the day before.  Aim for it!  

Hail to off-season!    

Friday, August 24, 2012

Winnipeg Fashion For A Cure Fashion Show

Hey Everyone!

If you haven't heard already, there is going to be an amazing fashion show featuring tons of local talent this Sunday, August 26th, 2012 at Republic Nightclub called "Winnipeg Fashion For A Cure".   

We are raising money to help find a cure for breast cancer with hopefully your help!  Please come support us by coming down to the fashion show (limited tickets available at the door or you can message me for tickets) or help by making an online donation here.

Every donation matters...no matter how BIG or SMALL.  Every bit counts.

The cool thing about the up-coming fashion show is my sponsor Public Myth is going to be featured with my help.  I actually donated my clothing for the show & this great cause.  I am so thrilled to share Public Myth with the Winnipeg scene.  This great company & line of clothing needs to be seen!!!  It is great publicity and a great chance for this AMAZING company to be the next big name in fitness apparel (*crossing fingers).  If you haven't checked them out yet, visit www.publicmyth.com

Here are a few pieces that are going to be in the show:

I am actually going to be one of the models walking down the runway in the PM gear, as well some great designer clothing.  I am super excited for when Sunday rolls around.  

Stayed tuned for TONS of Public Myth runway pictures.

Have an amazing day everyone!!!


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Gym Hopping on Vacation - My Reviews

Some people think that because you are in vacation, you need to take a vacation from everything.  FALSE.  If it has been a part of your lifestyle, you'll find it's difficult to say away :D

One of my fav things to do while on vacation is do drop-in's at gyms I've never been to before in my life.  It's just so exciting for me.  It's kind of like being a kid and going to a brand new amusement park.  YUP, I get that excited!

Sam and I took a mini-vacation to Leduc, Alberta (just south of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) for 5 days.  Mind you, 2 days were just used driving there and back from Winnipeg, Manitoba (UGH long drives are a pain).

The first gym we went to was in the City of Leduc.

(via City of Leduc)
Leduc Recreation Centre is a MASSIVE 9000 sq ft facility, which has everything under the rainbow when it comes to anything sport related (swimming pools, skating rinks, indoor field houses for various sports, curling complex, run/walk full-sized indoor track and of course a gym).

This place was just breathtaking.  We got lost at first because we went through the back entrance but soon found our way upstairs to the gym floor.

We arrived closer to 7 am to find not too many members/staff, which was a good thing (MORE EQUIPMENT!!!).  Drop in was $8, which was very reasonable for this state-of-the-art facility.      
(via City of Leduc)

Here are the things I loved/disliked about the gym:
  • Quiet, clean & spacious
  • Tons of functional gym equipment (no unnecessary equipment on the gym floor)
  • Squat platform
  • Large windows throughout the facility (natural lighting) to see the amazing view of the Leduc community while doing cardio
  • Showers were surprisingly strong for water output (because no one wants "weak" shower)
  • Treadmill incline goes up to 30 (YIKES my hamstrings!!!)
  • Toilets were cool (ya I know that sounds weird).  There were two separate dials for liquid waste and solid waste.  

Overall, I really enjoyed it there. Nothing to complain about.  I would definitely recommend this to anyone visiting the city.  
5 stars *****

Gold's Gym at West Edmonton Mall was our next stop.  

I was super hyped up about going to this HUGE franchise that the great Arnold Schwarzegger made famous.  

When I got the response from the girl up front to my question of how much the drop in was, my immediate thought was..."$20 BUCKS?  DAMN that's expensive!"  But the girl advised us the drop in fee was good for a 24 hour period, which then made sense.

Here are the things I loved/disliked about the gym:
  • Had all the basic equipment a gym would need
  • Cool juice bar at the front with a small store for apparel
  • Members seemed very dedicated to their goals (no fussing around here)
  • Inside the women's change room, there was a little mirrored area for weight lifting, as well as a few cardio machines (SO NEAT!)
  • New Cardio Cinema (closed off room playing movies in the dark) with many choices of cardio machines
  • Change rooms were clean & tidy...kind of small though.
  • No windows and short ceilings made me feel a little claustrophobic 
  • Small, busy, cramped with a tiny weight-lifting area (too much cardio equipment)
  • Not enough mirror space in the weight area, as well as walking room
  • Drop in fee was kind of pricey  

Overall, this gym didn't live up to my expectations.  It definitely won't deter me away from hitting up other locations though.  My whole experience was just so-so.  
3 stars***  

On our way back home, we stopped in the small town of Yorkton, Saskatchewan.  Sam had been raving about this gym for sometime now (since he had been there on several occasions).  WE HAD TO CHECK IT OUT!!!  
Forever Fit is a 24-hour card accessible facility.  A small gym, but boy did it amaze me.  Drop in here was $10, which is the average price for most gyms.  For a small town, (to my surprise) the gym was somewhat busy on an early Sunday morning.  Good for you Yorkton!!!    

Here are the things I loved/disliked about the gym:
  • Just the essential gym equipment/machines on gym floor
  • Sturdy bars/equipment
  • Mirrored ABS studio, MMA studio, large group class studio
  • Easy-to-put-on clips for barbells
  • Clean & tidy (the owner was cleaning up every couple of minutes..TOO CUTE!)
  • Sold supplements & apparel at the front
  • Motivational & inspirational quotes all around the gym, as well as inside each locker (LOVE IT!)
  • Showers has a dispenser for shampoo, conditioner, soap and body wash.  

Overall, no complaints.  I really love this gym.  Small space but jammed with just everything needed to get into tip top shape.  I would DEFINITELY recommend this to anyone passing through SK.  Props to the owner for bringing in this great gym.  It's a must-see!!!  
5 HUGE STARS *****

Hope you enjoyed the read.  Thanks for stopping by.  

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - August 8th, 2012

Mistakes are made to learn from them.  All you can do is move forward and be better than the day before.


Friday, August 3, 2012

What's That? I Can't Hear You!

So yesterday was SUPPOSED to be a day off from the gym for me.  Notice how I use the word "supposed".  My mind occasionally overtakes how I feel.  Knowing I have only less than 2 weeks to get in tip top shape for my photo shoot, I refused to listen to what my body was telling me (OUCH!  I AM IN PAIN KIM!).  I pushed out an intense hamstring & calve workout anyways with fasted morning cardio.

BOY!  I am paying for it today.  

I woke up EXTREMELY sore, fatigued beyond words and mentally, my mind is in bits today.  I literally dragged my butt out of bed today.  Not fun at all :(

So it is safe to say TODAY IS REST DAY!  I am just going to focus all my attention and energy to the clients I have.

We are human beings and most of us make mistakes every now & then.  It's okay to make a mistake but one should always try to learn from them.  Mistakes are all about learning and growing....making yourself better.  That whole thing about "NO PAIN, NO GAIN" doesn't hold true ESPECIALLY when it's a sharp pain.  Remember:  Sharp means STOP immediately.  Muscle soreness means you can still push through it.

Our bodies naturally get adapted to the things we throw at it overtime.  What is it trying to tell you? 

  • Is your stomach growling?  
  • Are you feeling sleepy?  
  • Are you feeling muscle soreness?  
  • Are you just drained?  
  • Are you feeling energized?  
  • Happy?

Do what you feel is best because at the end of the day you are the one who is accountable for each action.  You know your body better than anyone else.  Love your "home" (your body).      

Well, this girl has definitely learned her lesson.  

Listen to your body.
 It is just as important as the workouts.  Rest, repair and growth is what we all need every once in awhile.  


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: August 1, 2012

The truth of the matter is one should never complain about the results they never worked for.  HARD WORK PAYS OFF...PERIOD!

(via Fitnesspalooza)