Tuesday, April 23, 2013

AG Chocolate Cheesecake Power Pudding

Hey guys!!! I am back with yet another concoction with the help of my trusty Advanced Genetics Isophase protein powder. I got the idea from my friend, Graeme, back home in Winnipeg.

He told me that his mixture tasted like cheesecake. From there, I WAS IMMEDIATELY SOLD on the idea. I said "Tell me more". He said it was so easy.

I know you guys keep coming back for my easy recipes, so here is another tasty and easy one. I really hope you do try this one. It is truly amazing!

Here is what you will need:


1 scoop of Advanced Genetics Isophase in Chocolate
1/2 cup of Plain Greek Yogurt
1 tbsp to 1 tbsp of cocoa powder (however much you prefer)
1/8 tsp of Stevia (or more...and again it is whatever you prefer for sweetness)
Cinnamon (optional)
Walnuts or any kind of nuts sprinkled on top to make it look awesome


1. Mix everything together (besides the walnuts/nuts to decorate) in your desired container.
2. Sprinkle the walnuts/nuts to decorate

Now wasn't that easy?!?


My niece trying our chocolate cheesecake pudding out.  She loved it!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

AG Protein Frozen Pudding Pucks

My girlfriends who work at my gym told me about their own versions of this awesome recipe. So with that, I decided (OF COURSE) to put my own spin on it.

These protein pucks are enjoyable, easy to make, and just a real treat...something that you can take your time eating. That is how great they are. They literally only took me 3 minutes to make. Try it today!

Here is what you will need:


1 scoop of AG Isophase in Chocolate or Vanilla (I made both in my pictures)
1 tbsp-1 1/2 tbsp of all natural peanut butter
1/8 tbsp of Stevia (optional)
1/8-1/4 tbsp of Almond extract (optional)


1. In a small container (the container you will be placing your protein pucks in), mix all ingredients together until fully blended.
2. Add water slowly to mixture until you reached a pudding-type texture (using your own personal preference as to how watery or not watery you want to make it).

3. Cover your mixture with a lid and also place it into a ziplock bag in your freezer (to prevent freezer burn).
4. Wait approximately 6 hours to consume.

5. When you are ready, take the protein pucks out of the freezer and wait approximately 15 minutes to let them defrost a bit (I was too anxious...so when I took a bite of my puck, it was still hard LOL). The last thing I want is for you all to chipped teeth :D
6. ENJOY!!!!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It's Just One Of Those Days...

....when you do not want to get up from your comfy and warm bed...
....when morning cardio seems like the worst idea in the world...
....when you absolutely do not want to do core day. It's boring....
...when you have to work in the evening and all you want to do is snuggle up to the one you love and just SLEEP...
...when you know you have Birthday Cake Oreos in the cupboard and cannot eat them until your allocated cheat meal....

YUP!  It is just one of those days!!

I had to push through a lot of mental and physical things today. I had many thoughts of "WHY am I doing this again?" And "I wonder what it would be like to be 'NORMAL'".

But then I smartened up and think to myself "No...normal is not who I am...normal is boring...I am here to help make a change in my life and others...after all, we only have one life...so why not make it an AMAZING one!!!"

Yup, well that is all.  Gotta turn those "bad days" into good ones.  Thanks for reading my friends.


Monday, April 8, 2013

Move Your Butt Monday - AG Total Body Boot Camp

Monday's can be a drag. Here is a way to start your week off right..AG ARMY STYLE. Here is what was on the agenda today:

TRY IT TODAY!!!  3-5 sets with no rest in between exercise until full set is complete. Rest time in between sets is 45 seconds to 1 minute.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Review: New Balance Minimus 3090 Ionix Running Shoes

It was finally the day to say goodbye to my Nike Shox from 6 years of running indoors, outdoors, through the mud, through my bikini competition prepping, dodgeball-ing, and of course chasing the boys :D

Don't get me wrong, I could probably wear those Shox down until I couldn't wear them anymore. I love my old shoes. But when splashed water on the front of the shoes would make my socks wet or the foam padding at the heels would come out after each use...I knew it was time to replace them.

Good thing SportsChek at West Edmonton Mall was having one of their BOGO 1/2 off sales or I probably would have waited another year to get some new shoes. Sam, the fiancé, was also on the market for new shoes. His situation...even worse than mine...having had his shoes for a good 10 years. It was definitely time!

I tried on a couple of running shoes. Nike Free's - I didn't enjoy too much. It felt too much like a barefoot running shoe, which I already own (Vibram FiveFingers). I then tried on the New Balance Minimus and WOW I was impressed.

Here are the details about the shoe:

4mm drop
No sew synthetic overlays for support
Synthetic/Mesh upper
EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) foam footbed for cushioning

This shape provides a standard fit with slight adjustments, including a more anatomical heel, an improved arch and a closer fit in the toe box. One of our most popular lasts in running, cross-training and court.

I immediately enjoyed the cushioning in the shoe, as well as the lightweight feel it had (so different than my Shox, which were extremely HEAVY). I felt support horizontally and throughout the heel area. These shoes are also very breathable, which is awesome. My other shoes...not so much. You wouldn't want to be near me when I took off my Shox. They could scare off ANYONE.

I typically weight train doing total body circuits and treadmill training. This shoe is perfect for both horizontal and vertical movements. My old shoes were definitely weighing me down. NOW, I feel as free as a bird when I do my workout. I am superwoman!!!

If there was one bad thing I would have to say about the shoe, it would be that it comes a little narrow at the front of the shoe...but then again...I do have wider feet. MEH! I still enjoy them nonetheless.

Conclusion: These shoes are great for any type of training style. There are great for anyone who wants something in between a minimalistic shoe and a support shoe. It was well worth the amount I paid for them. I highly recommended this shoe. New Balance, I give you props for making an amazing shoe.

PS. Thanks to Brandy for recommending the Minimus. I adore them!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

AG No Bake Power-Up Poppers

Quick, tasty, easy to make and VERY ADDICTING!!!

I wanted to do another energy ball recipe but this time opting for the no-bake kind. No bake recipes are great because you don't have to sit around for the darn thing to finish cooking. There is always that odd chance you could burn what you are baking if you do not continuously check on it (i.e my protein pancakes from the other week LOL).

These poppers are of course CLEAN, as well as super fun to make! You can make many substitutions for the ingredients. Just play around with what your taste buds like.

Warning: these tasty poppers will be gone in no time.

This recipe yields for approximately 10-15 energy balls.


1 cup of rolled oats
2/3 cup of Unsweetened Shredded Coconut
1/2 cup All Natural Peanut Butter
1/3 Egg Whites
1/3 cup Flaxseed (ground or whole)
1-2 scoops of Advanced Genetics Isophase Protein Powder (I used Chocolate)
1 tbsp of Stevia
1 tbsp of Artificial Vanilla Extract


1. In a large bowl, combine all the ingredients and mix with your hands until fully blended.

2. Roll the mixture into small balls about an inch in diameter (or however big you want to make them). This recipe makes approximately 10-15 poppers.
3. In a large container, place the poppers leaving space between them to refrigerate for 1 hour.

ENJOY these lovely treats my friends!