Monday, December 13, 2010

Are You Ready For This?

New Diet, New Workout Plan & New Outlook

Today is the beginning of what I hope to be a successful journey to the Novice competition. Sam, my bf and trainer, has made a new workout program for me to follow, as well as making a new nutrition program.

Because I was reset after this weekend, he started me off with shoulders/arms. Did some exercises I have never done before and every much enjoyed it. It is somewhat of a challenge. Bring it on buddy. I'll see how the next couple of days go. Tomorrow is chest.

As for nutrition, I hope he makes it a bit flavourful. I cannot do without my spices and of course WALDEN FARMS. He is also going to add in BCAA's (which if you don't know are branch chain amino acids). If you want to read up on them here is the link:

Areas that I need to work on for the competition are: my abs, lower back, glutes & legs. The definition just needs to be brought out a bit more.

With the competition coming up, it really got me thinking. Should I or shouldn't I enlist the help of a pre-contest business? I am still debating. I know it would be beneficial but at the same time the cost is not ideal.

I'm meeting with a couple of people this week, which I am super stoked about. But that's another story.

Until next time...