Sunday, October 25, 2009

WOW! I Lost That Much?

I went to my personal training session yesterday and I weighed 149lbs, compared to the 159 before the event happened. I lost an inch on my waist, and inch on my bust, and an inch on my hips. Calve and thigh measurements are the same. I felt so weak. Tomorrow is my second training session. I know (I hope) by then I will have more energy. My trainer is going to design a workout plan for me to reach my goal of a total body makeover for the next 3 months before Brazil (if I still go). There are some days the depression really gets to me. All I have to do is just remember to BREATHE.


  1. You can do it, easy no problem

  2. Kim. I have been wondering what's been up with you because I tried to contact you on facebook but it looks like you are no longer on it :(. But I'm glad you started a blog. So Brazil?! tell me more. email me