Monday, November 2, 2009

Day 8: Weight Loss Challenge

Well it was pretty much your average day. Woke up, had lunch, went to school, then hit the gym. I put in a hours worth of my blood, sweat and tears with my new circuit this afternoon. I am still having a hard time with the cardio, but I know this is the week my cardio is going to increase. I'm eating a whole lot better. I'm actually getting sleep without the aid of the sleeping pills. My energy is coming back without the massive cravings for junk. Why put it in my body if it doesn't help, right? I am detoxifying my body or trying to at least. I have my goal and am well on my way to reaching it. No mercy.

Today is picture day. I look different in this one compared to the first for 3 reasons. One, I am wearing makeup. Two, this picture is taken in the evening (no natural lighting as in the first image). And three, my hands are placed a little lower in this image. Honestly, I don't see a change but that's just my opinion. I am okay with that because since the first image I know I have gained my strength back both physically and emotionally. Enjoy.

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