Saturday, January 29, 2011

TRX Training.....who and the what now???

When I found out my old trainer Amy from Shapes was having a special at the company she is currently working for at Everest Training Centres, I had to jump on the chance. I wanted some insight to see if the way I have been training myself has been effective, what I would need work on, and how to achieve the desired criteria to prep myself for the competition in less than 2 months time.

I had briefly sent her an message earlier on in the week stating I was just coming off of the flu and she should take it easy on me.

What I was in for was definitely a treat....a bitter but good one :D
TRX Suspension Training is something I have always wanted to try. Some of the celebrities use this type of training to tone their amazing physiques. TRX stands for Total Resistance eXercise. What it is, is a cable-like system designed for you to workout anywhere you are.....a revolutionary method of leveraged bodyweight exercise. It may look easy but I can tell you right now IT IS NOT!!!

She explained we were going to use the TRX system for the majority of the workout. This is what the program looked like:
  • 15 pushups
  • 20 dual legged squats
  • 20 leaning back rows
  • 15 v-situps in air
  • 20 one-legged squats
  • 20 side leg swings (glutes, hip flexors)
  • 15 leaning tricep rows
  • 15 leg pull-ins
  • 15 one-legged squat jumps
  • 15 lat pulldowns on the machine.
Everything was done on the TRX system except the pull downs. Total body workout indeed!!! When I attempted to get started with the push-ups, my body did not know what to do. My limbs were whaling around everywhere. Not too pretty. I got into the swing of things around the fourth rep of the first exercise. I kept on saying to Amy "this is so weird" or "wow". I was most definitely put to the test. There are just so many factors involved. You are fighting with gravity, using your body weight for resistance and engaging that core strength to stabilize yourself. I have to say I was sweating so much afterward with a small side of an urge to hurl. I highly recommend this type of training. But trainee beware, I would only recommend this to someone who is at an intermediate level of fitness as this is quite strenuous and demanding on the body. I, myself, absolutely love it and will be doing it again sometime soon. A+++. Go check the Everest Training Centre website or for TRX suspension training near you. It is truly an experience worth least once. C'mon...don't be scarrrred.


  1. I've always wanted to try this, too! But... for the moment, I'm in no shape for it. I definitely don't want to jump into it and risk hurting myself-- not cool! =(

  2. With my coordination and wobbly legs....I'd break my neck! And that program...insane and 4 reps? GEEZE LADY