Thursday, March 10, 2011

9 Days....

I went for my second posing session with Darryl today at Showtime Sports Supplements, and boy did it go well. It is just so great to get this one-on-one coaching. I would of never got this treatment if I went to a posing seminar with 30 other girls for $25-$35. Robbery I tell you. I just love getting the instant critique. He also gave me some great pointers and tips for when I am on the big stage. What are they you ask? Well that's my secret. I threw away the key already. Sorry :D

Now that I can "walk the walk", I feel 10 times more confident than a couple of days ago. All I need now is for my bikini to be all jazzed up with my padding and I'll be good to go. Practice each and every day=ticket to success. I got a great support system in my AMAZING boyfriend Sam, my "girls" (trainees), friends and family. I am doing this show NOT ONLY FOR MYSELF, but for all the haters and for all my trainees so they can see that ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE if you have a goal. Hard work, sweat, tears, and dedication do go a long way. You'll see.

I cannot wait for the stage show now. Yes I have to admit it is quite nerve racking, but I think I got a real good chance to make it in the top 5 considering that as of now there are only 6 girls registered.

Last but certainly not least....MISS KIMBERLY HO on stage!!!

ps. stay tuned for my teeth whitening experiment :D

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