Sunday, March 13, 2011


Well it never happened.

We (Char, Maria, Reyna and Kelsey) got to Alive around 10:30 pm, which as most of your know is SUPER EARLY to go to the bar. At approximately 10:45 pm, they said they weren't letting anyone else in for awhile. So we booked it out of there. Good thing as my feet were ice cold. I thought they were gonna fall off. "This little piggy went to the FREEZER." Brrrrr

Reyna and I decided we still wanted to live it up, so we went to Bar I on Corydon. It was quite nice. No hoochies there. Thank goodness. I had my year's worth of them at Area the other weekend. Never again. Categories of conversation went from the past, present and what to expect in the future. I had a great time. It is nice to get away from the bar scene every now and then. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love to dance but everyone needs their down time. We ended up staying out til 3 am (yikes). With the time change, I completely forgot. It came and went: my plan of coming home early (pertaining to the last vlog). Thanks daylight savings time *shakes fist to sky

With that, I woke up dead tried at 10 am knowing full well I had a session in less than an hour. I woke up to a serious Sam cutting up and measuring of what I thought was "my" salmon. I asked him "What are you doing? Is that my salmon?" He said "Yes." Aww so nice. His reasoning as to why he was being so generous is so he wouldn't get tempted to go to the grocery store and buy junk food. I am ever so thankful for that ;D

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