Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dustin' for some Adjustin'

So it's that time again to refocus and re-evaluate my goals for the remainder of the year. Since I already surpassed my goal of getting into the Top 3 in my short bikini class at the 2011 MABBA Novice Competition, I need to set some deadlines and focus on the next big thing for my career and future. There is always room for improvement.

My NEW wellness goals for the 2011 year are as follows:
  • At the gym, push myself HARD for the next 3 months. Who knows...maybe my body will be ready to do the Provincials/FAME Prairies/WBFF

  • Carb up for this month ONLY - I have to start cutting again for the two months after the "carb" month. I do not want to see ribs on my body when I pose any longer (never a good thing)

  • Back to life. Back to reality - No more junk food...err well maybe a bit. Just not a much as I did the week after Novice (gained 5-10 lbs...yikes)

  • Promoting Muscles By Meyers to a higher extreme then ever before.  I am now a sponsored athlete, so I better be holding up my end of the bargain.  More clients for my business means more revenue for Meyers.  A win-win situation!  

  • Focus on my glutes & abdominals - two of my weakest points. Looks like I am going to dedicate two days to each of you during the workout week

  • Work on my posing. Practice makes perfect. Even though I've been hearing rave reviews on my stage presence at the Novice, I want to make sure I feel 100% confident and satisfactory with it.

  • I want to be one of the few Asian women out there in this sport. There are a select few who have made it and I want to be alongside them on my journey to the top. They are truly inspiring.

  • So with that being said, I better get a good night's rest.

    Goodbye world. Until tomorrow.

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    1. Great post! I agree about ribs not showing. Mine are a bit. Time to eat more!!! Love saying that

      Good luck girly!