Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tired + Spontaneality = Messy with a Side of Tears

Well this day was all over the place.  I woke up to clinging, clanging and the smoke alarm...only to find Sam in the kitchen making all my meals for the day.  He is so considerate.  Such a great help.  How I adore him.

I went to see Haley for my first session, then Charmaine shortly after.  By then, my back was achy.  I was sore all over and fatigue just took over.  Charmaine was nice enough to give me a lift back to Sam's instead of me taking the bus or walking.  Thank Goodness.

As soon as I got to Sam's, his roommate Kevin handed over his cellphone saying it was Sam on the other end.  My blackberry had conveniently died earlier that day.  Apparently he was trying to reach me all day.  He even went to pick me up from the gym.  Ahhh I'm such a dork.  He exclaimed to come downstairs quickly.  I jumped in his Jeep and I immediately could tell he was happy.  He had planned this great evening for us.  He wanted to book a hotel to do a photo shoot of the two of us WITH a D-SLR camera, which we were about to purchase at the store.  A smile came across my face.  Awww what a guy huh?  But he wanted to make a quick stop at Showtime Supplements to get Darryl's advice if he should compete or not.  Great for me because I coincidently had my bikini and heels with me...just in case he had time to do a impromptu posing session.  I did my walk/pose and both Sam and Darryl said I was FANTASTIC.  Now this just makes me SO EXCITED.  Sam also got some great tips and advice on his nutrition and physique.  He is now reconsidering coming back on board to enter in the Novice Competition...woo hoo!  I am not alone after-all.

After we had purchased the D-SLR camera and a new printer (so I can print out my client documents...much needed), we gathered all our things and made our food for the night stay at a random hotel in Winnipeg.  We drove up to the Osbourne Motor Hotel and thought it was kinda grungy looking.  We did a little drive down Pembina and no luck.  Alas, we came back to the apartment and put all our stuff back.  I know...sounds like a hassle and it was.  I was a little upset and so was Sam.  We had a little bit of an argument about some things, which lead myself in tears.  No worry guys.  It's just my low carbs that is doing this to my body.  I am okay and we are okay :D

Tomorrow is our photo shoot with Mirah.  Sam and I chose some outfits to wear for the Snap Fitness shoot.  We have decided it is actually going to be a shoot for US and not the business, as we need ACTUAL clients in the shot as well.  Damn last minute Kimmy.  My fault.  Next time.

Well I better get some shut eye.  No bags please.  Ta ta 4 now.


ps.  no Vlog today.  I'm pooped and my hair is in a Hair turban fresh from the shower...YA no :D

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