Sunday, April 3, 2011

Extra, Extra, Read All About It

Around 12:30 am, Sam had received a call from his brother David saying he had something to drop off at his apartment.  Sam had no idea what it was.  His first thought was it was food, since his brother and sister-in-law Karen were coming back from a wedding social.  SCORE!

We were pleasantly surprised with the Pilipino Express, in which Sam and I and another filipino competitor were interviewed for on March 19th (the day of the competition).  We were all on the front cover.  SO EXCITING!    

Click the images to take a closer look.  I am the filipino community now :D

Ps.  I didn't claim to be a fitness model.  Those were his own words....I swear.  LOL


  1. Ahaha, I'm so glad someone agrees with me for the fitness model thing!

    This is super cool. Right on, Kim!

  2. I should call myself "Kim's Number 1 fan!" because i totally am! Love this