Friday, October 7, 2011

Pump...Pump...Pump It Up!!!

I sent in my grant for permission to compete at the 2012 CBBF World Qualifier & this was the response I received:

Hi Kimberly,
MABBA executives all agree that you will represent Manitoba well at the 2012 CBBF World Qualifiers.
This email is our official "yes" for you to compete.
Good luck with your training!
Carrie Carriere
Tom Heffner
MABBA Executives

As soon as I finished reading it, I screamed, started jumping up & down for a good 5 minutes...hugging Sam with a ear-to-ear massive smile on my face.  I was speechless.  I guess the letter I wrote was very convincing.  I am so blessed.  Thank you so much for this AMAZING opportunity to compete with competitors not only in Winnipeg, but ALL ACROSS CANADA.  Even people who have made a name for themselves in the industry will be on the big stage and I get to grace the stage alongside them.  Wow!

So with that, I now have a "real" goal date set in my calendar.  Leading up to this letter, I was training for the MABBA Provincials June 2012, but now the new deadline is April 2012.  2 more months of carbing up and building, before depleting and a ketosis nutritional plan are set (YAH *sarcasm).

The title of this blog correlates to the song I am currently listening to and what I need to be doing for the next couple of months...PUMP IT UP, eat clean, get plenty of rest.  Build, build, build!!  

"Do your thing let me do my thing." - Joe Budden's "Pump It Up"

6 months of going hard...even more so than ever before.  Let's GO!  April 6th, Are you ready for me?     

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  1. Congrats Kim! That's so exciting! You'll definitely get first place this time around! <3

    You're a huge inspiration.. ^^