Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What's in my Lunch Box?

I just thought I'd write a little post about my lunch today as it sits in front of me.  

My "go-to" protein is usually a lean red this case extra lean ground beef from Superstore.  As lean red meats are higher in fat content (which is one of the great properties of a fat), I am fuller for longer as compared to having a chicken breast (which I find breaks down a little too fast - getting absorbed too quickly in my body).  We normally get our lean ground beef from Safeway, as I find their process is much more intricate (moins tendons/bone chips from Superstore...YUCK).  Although more expensive than the regular lean ground beef, it's definitely worth the extra bucks.  

VEGGIES and CARBS w/ a side of FIBER :
I normally pair that with a LOT of veggies.  My go-to veggies are usually broccoli/cauliflower, asparagus or spinach.  All three have their great benefits, which is why I normally do a rotation of all three during a month's time.   Plus they are all great for their fiber content and as we all know, you need fiber to POOP.  Fiber is our friend.  :D

My ABSOLUTE favourite sauce right now to add on top of my beef is Green Valley Ranch "Southwestern BBQ Sauce", in which you can find EXCLUSIVELY at  Muscles By Meyers (my sponsor).  It is CALORIE FREE too.  Too good to be true to be delicious?  Try it.  It is excellent.
My other seasoning combo (if for some reason I do not have that sauce in stock in my fridge), is Green Valley Ranch "Ketchup" paired with dijon mustard.  Think cheeseburger without the bun & calories.  In my eyes & with my taste buds, it is a delicious treat in my mouth.    

I consume my food with a full glass of water (or two).  After all, you need oxygen to fuel the fat burning process.  Studies have shown in cases where there are two groups (one drinking the required amount or more of water/day and the other not consuming as much), the group who consumed more water lost more weight, therefore losing more fat.  Now who doesn't want that to happen?  

Now time for a little rest before I kill it at the gym for a second workout session.

Take care.  Keep Fit and Eat Clean!

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