Saturday, January 21, 2012

Have no fear....a Dietician is here!

I recently saw an amazing article in the Winnipeg Free Press ( about a phone line dedicated to helping those in need of some nutritional advice from a registered professional.

Let's say you are on a strict nutritional plan but need to eat something ASAP.  You head to the nearest restaurant.  You want to know how many calories such-and-such has, right?  THIS IS THE PLACE TO CALL.  Such a valued service that hardly anyone knows exists.  A plus side too is cost (FREE!!!)  Seeing a dietician one-on-one can be quite costly, so this is definitely an amazing opportunity for anyone needing assistance in their diet without the many other monthly bills to have to deal with :S

Located in Misericordia Health complex - the number to call is 788-8248 in Winnipeg or outside the city at 1-877-830-2892

So NO MORE EXCUSES!!!  Eating WELL when you are on the go is EASY!  

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