Monday, February 20, 2012

From Novice to Coach: Stepping Stones in my Amazing Life

Yes, I myself was overweight and a beginner just like you.  I knew I needed help.  So what did I do?  

My trainers (Amy & Sam) helped me lose a combined total of 40+ lbs.  The journey was hard but rewarding/life changing.  After I got to my goal weight, I received numerous comments from family and colleagues about my transformation.  This gave me an idea....what if I were to help others transform their own bodies as well.  From there I decided I wanted to become a personal trainer.  Took the course, trained hard, worked hard and the rest is history.  

Being new to the personal training scene as of 2 years ago, business was slow.  I remember only having one or two clients, which thankfully I saw on a regular basis.  In a short amount of time, both of my AMAZING clients were seeing drastic results.  Word got around and ta-da...more business came my way.

Competing for the first time last year was also something very new to my life.  I have to admit I was nervous, scared, excited all at the same time if that is even possible.  Being new to the competition scene was also very intimidating.  I thought all the girls were going to be judgmental, catty and down-right mean....the kind of stuff you would see in movies where there is that ONE GIRL who is sabotaging everyone just to win (by the way, it isn't like that at all...not one bit).  Coming away with second place was  just an honor in my eyes...a dream come of the best days of my entire life.

After the win, business was booming and I LOVED IT!  I even have one of my current clients competing for the first time THIS YEAR (Charmaine you are going to kill it).

Today was another giant step in my life.  Sara (who is one of the most spectacular trainers/coaches in Winnipeg) asked myself to coach some girls with posing & walking for the upcoming MABBA Novice 2012.  I immediately said "YES".  Everyone has to start from somewhere, right?  I definitely knew what it was like on stage, behind the stage and all the minor details in between.  The girls were just fantastic.  Karen, the little fire cracker.  Charmaine, the leg dominator and Chantel, the bombshell brunette.  Only minor tweaks were made but boy competition is going to be fierce this year.   I thoroughly enjoyed lending a hand in their lives, even if it was teenie tiny.  Just as rewarding as coaching my personal training clients.

Another bonus: a potential coaching jig was offered to me from a colleague of mine who works at the YMCA, as well as working for School Division #7.  Working with adolescent troubled girls interested in fitness and healthy lifestyles...she thought I would be great as a guest speaker to educate the young ladies.  Now normally, I would not do something like this since I absolutely am TERRIFIED of public speaking but this year is all about change and taking a risk...doing something that scares you.  So with that being said, tomorrow morning I will e-mail my girlfriend back telling her "YES...I 'm SO in!!!"

Be a leader. Be a motivator for someone.  You can make a difference for the better.  Do something that you believe in and make that dream come true.  It's all in you - everything you need is looking back at you in the mirror.  Take that step forward and never look back.

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  1. I like the "hungry" reaction. The reason I checked it off is because I'm hungry to strive harder. <3

    You and everyone before me worked so hard, and I know I have to do the same! I'm hopping to the gym right after I write this! <3

    Take care!