Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tea Vlog - My Tea & Me

So you think you are obsessed with tea?  Come view my obsession..err...I mean collection.  Krista, my girlfriend in Calgary, wanted to see who (out of us two) has the most tea in their personal stash....great idea right?  So without furthur ado, here is the vlog :D


>>> Now go watch Krista's Video Respsonse <<<

PS.  Yes...I am aware that I said "chamomile" wrong on the video but I didn't want to tape it again.  Silent "H"...I'll remember that next time :D


  1. Hi Kimmy! I just want to say that your blog is so motivational! I'm in a similar position that you were a few short years ago, I'm wanting to loose 40lbs (I grew up asthmatic and took Prednisone for 20 years which made me gain crazy weight. After loosing 80lbs on my own, I plateaued and haven't been able to loose the rest so I've hired a personal trainer to help me reach my goals) and I can't wait to start feeling the real me. I also want to get into competing, eventually, lol. Would you have any particular advice? Thank you again, it's great to see some amazing Winnipeg women living their dream!


    1. Hey Amy,

      That is an AMAZING story. I love to hear success stories. It true what they say..."HARD WORK PAYS OFF".

      If I had some advice about competing I'd say to train your hardest each time you step onto that gym floor...do not give anything less otherwise you are wasting your time. Wouldn't you want to see how far you can actually take your physique? Because really we only do live once...one body...might as well be your optimal-self.

      Eating clean is hard work. It requires an amazing amount of willpower, strength & dedication to your goals. Because without a clean diet, your body will not see the results you so desire. 80% nutrition, 20% Gym. Abs are made in the kitchen. #truth

      Competing is an amazing experience. Everyone I've met in the fitness industry is very much grounded, which you wouldn't expect. You will find support EVERYWHERE you go. So do not be scared if you are competing for your first time because in fact there will be others who it is their first time as well...you are not alone :D

      I hope all this helps. Thanks again for even reading my blog. I appreciate it so much <3