Tuesday, May 15, 2012


When you look into the mirror, what do you see?  The answer is and always should be someone who you love both on the inside and out.

Some days I still struggle with this notion.  Being overweight, it is one of those mind/mentality things that creeps up from the past...my "chubby girl" mindset says "you need to lose fat there, there and there." or "you are not good enough."

Slowly weed out that awful voice in your head and replace it with something positive.  My mantra, in which I still use to this day....

"I am beautiful just the way I am. Love me for me."    

If there is ever a day you are feeling down in the dumps about your body image or you are just mentality tired, write up your own mantra or find one online.  Once you start saying it, you will start to believe it.  


What an AMAZING day it was for myself and many other Canadians to come all this way to National level at the 2012 IFBB World Qualifiers on April 28th at the McPhillips Casino.  The physiques were just outstanding.  Way to go Canada!

Just looking back on how far I've come...the whole enduring and sometimes pain staking journey to get to where I am today is just astounding to me.  Many body composition changes took place by taking the time off (a whole year for those you don't know) from competing and coming in with my best body to date when I hit that big stage a couple of weeks ago.

I, Kimberly Ho, am very proud of myself.  6th place out of 11 girls out of Canada is pretty darn good to me.  It was a great experience as it always is when competing.  I was honored to meet some of the best in Canada...some who are now Pros.  In fact, to even grace the stage with them was a true honor already.  I hope in the sometime near future to meet each & every one of you again at Nationals.  

Here are some snapshots from the day.

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