Monday, June 25, 2012

Advanced to the Next Level

For all of you who watched my latest video blog, I know you already know my BIG news.  For those of you who didn't see it, I have AMAZING new sponsorship news.

My corporate sponsor dream has come true!!!  I am so honored and pleased to announce my newest corporate sponsorship relationship with Advanced Genetics.  

I want to give a HUGE shout-out to the CEO Chris Johnson and the whole entire AG staff for believing in me. THANK YOU for supporting my goals and standing behind me as my sponsor on my journey to becoming a Pro.  I know that I can stand behind AG without any doubt because AG truly provides quality formulated products for any goal.  

"No blends.  No fads.  Just pure science."  

Protein, BCAA-Glutamine-Creatine Formulation,
 Fat Burners, Pre-Workout, Testosterone Booster, Waxy Maize, Greens Formulation, Hormone Optimizer are just some of the high quality products AG offers.  Everything you need to be one step closer to your health & wellness goals.  

Advanced Genetics has a very amazing roster of soon-to-be Pro's and Pro's.  I am so truly honored to now be among them.  Thanks to all the AG athletes, who (over the first few days of being a part of TEAM AG) have opened their arms to this small town Winnipeg girl.  I cannot wait to represent AG and all my other great sponsors next year at the 2013 IFBB World Qualifiers & the 2013 CBBF Nationals.
Watch out 2013, this girl has got big plans for you!!!

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Advanced Genetics - The WORLD's STRONGEST SUPPLEMENTS for Building Muscle & Losing Fat

"Get the genetic Advantage!!!"


  1. Congrats and they look like a great company! I love finding out about new supplement companies.

    1. Yes this is one that you must check out. I truly stand behind their formulations!!! Thanks for commenting :D

  2. We are excited to have you on board, Kimberly!