Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bah Humbug...I've Got a Bug!

Well if you haven't guessed it already I AM OFFICIALLY SICK with a cold & cough.  How very convenient smack dab in the middle of our HOT Winnipeg summer.  That has got the be the absolute WORST time of the year to get sick.

With any kind of sickness comes a few symptoms.  I wake up feeling drowsy (from the night-time medicine) from the night before.  All I ever want to do when I am sick is bundle back under my covers and SLEEP like a bear while in hibernation-mode.  My beverage of choice is tea...just to burn...err..I mean SOOTHE my scratchy throat.  I pretty much feel like I need my lovely boyfriend Sam to take care of me and DO all the chores at apartment (I WISH!).    

I also feel a lot weaker when it comes to strength training at the gym.  This is so tough for me since I want to make the most gains for the next competition.  Everyday COUNTS!  DANG THIS BODY OF MINE.

My weapons of choice to help me with this awful cold are vitamin C (MUST-HAVE), Neo Citran Nighttime Medicine, drinking LOTS of water, as well as getting as much sleep as I possibly can.  I had some Oil of Oregano but it's all finished now and TASTES just AWFUL LOL.  I find that trying to keep up with my workouts on a regular helps heat up my body temperature...to hopefully kill all those suckers (BYE BYE GERMS).      

"Listening to your body" is a tip I leave for you all.  Always make sure YOU feel okay with either A) pushing out a workout or B) taking the time off to relax and rest until you are feeling a bit better.

After all, you are the one that knows your body the best.  See what it has to say. 

Another thing when you are sick is the constant blowing of the nose.  Time to lotion it up.  Skin peeling...YA FUN!.  Just call me "Rudolph".

Take Care! 

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