Sunday, July 1, 2012

"Because You're Fabulous": My 1st Makeup Party


What woman does not like a little makeup here and there?  Not too many I'd guess.  

I had my very first "Because You're Fabulous" Makeup/Skincare party yesterday with a couple of my close girlfriends who too had some issues with some of the products they currently use (made their skin oily, dry, unsafe).  

"Because You're Fabulous" offers natural, organic, cruelty-free, vegan makeup and skin care products from eyeshadow, lipgloss, foundation, cleanser, brushes, moisturizer and everything in between (coming soon HAIR CARE LINE).

Some neat things you should know about the BYF product line:

  • If not 100% satisfied with the product, BYF will refund your money back guaranteed (also applies to if not satisfied with colour(s) - return for another product will be accepted
  • All BYF brushes are synthetic (natural-feeling) and cannot habour bacteria, which means NO ACNE
  • BYF will customize a foundation colour to your exact skin-tone
  • FREE SAMPLES - just ask
  • No dyes.  No junk.  No extra additives.  Just pure, clean, healthy natural ingredients            

I ADORE this product line.  After only days of use, my skin feels fresh, clean, healthier and wow no more acne.  My skin feels rejuvenated like never before.  The product is so light when applied.  

Janella, the owner of BYF, did some cool before & after makeup run through's with us.  The left image has the left side of Janella's face with mascara with the other side being left alone.  The right image is the finished look (foundation, blush, bronzer, eye shadow, mascara and mineral mist).

Bonus Video!  Some skins tips from the owner of "Because You're Fabulous"

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In the meantime,  I was able to capture some FABULOUS shots of the lovely ladies (and makeup) from the party yesterday.  Check them out!!!

Janella showing the girls how to apply makeup properly
Question & Answer time!!
The real fun begins.  Time to play with the makeup!!!
On the spot colour-customization with the lovely Reyna.
FINALLY!  The hostess gets a chance to play with all the stuff. 


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    1. It was. You definitely need to try this makeup. SO GREAT and au natural-feeling!