Sunday, July 8, 2012

The One-Two Punch: Eurowave & Lipo Laser Body Contouring Review

Lose inches, gain muscle and lose fat in just a few sessions?  

Too good to be true you say?  
Well, I have just the perfect remedy for you.  

At Zealous Medi Spa (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada), Eurowave & LipoLaser are the most ground-breaking and innovative body contouring technology platforms in town.  Both have their benefits as to what kind of goals you as a client have in mind.

Being the guinea pig that I more or less choose to be, I booked my appointments and luckily was able to get in within the same week.  I was somewhat nervous at first.  I think it was moreso the anxiety that really got to me since I didn't know if I was going to lose ANYTHING.  

Cassandra (the LipoLaser Technician) & Megan (the Eurowave Technician), were both interviewed by yours truly with the following questions to thoroughly understand the benefits & differences between the services.



What is it?
A faradic wave contracts the muscles to create muscle memory and tighten and tone the muscles
A non invasive low level laser for spot fat reduction and body contouring
How does it work?
A faradic wave creates muscle memory
2 laser paddles are secured to target areas for 4-10 minute intervals. Laser targets fat cells & liquifies fat inside, which is drained through lymphatic system & finally exits body through natural detox (ie: sweat, bowel movements, and urination)
How many inches can I lose?
1-3 inch loss after the first treatment. 10 sessions consecutively in one area will give a dress size loss
1-3 inches/session. Many clients see measurable results after 1st or 2nd treatments.
Where can I use it?
Tops of arms, breast area (you won't lose a cup size just a lift!), mid section, bum and legs (inner & outer), thighs front or back, back (along the bra line)
Any part of your body except your face and chest
How long are sessions?
18 minutes on the machine equals 200 perfect sit ups
40 minutes
Is it safe?  Side effects?
The only side affect is inch loss!
Minimal side effects such as dry mouth, goosebumps, and hypo/hyper pigmentation (either gives or takes away a tan) which is not permanent

The technician's were very friendly and knowledgeable about the service being conducted.  They were both very thorough with each step of the service.  The whole process was very zen-like, which made for a comfortable, relaxed and care-free environment.  The Lipolaser was SO soothing, I actually ended up nodding off for a bit LOL.  


DRUM ROLL PLEASE!  I am so sure you want to know how I did with only doing 2 sessions of Eurowave and 2 sessions of LipoLaser.  Here are my pictures from my first visit to my last (and 2nd) visit:

Before & After 
(two sessions of Eurowave & LipoLaser)

Waistline is noticeably slimmer
Abdominal area is more defined
The "Tighter" feeling in my mid-section

Final Thoughts:

During the week separation between the two sessions (one session of Euro/Lipo one week and the other two the following week), I maintained my strict clean eating plan and continued my regular lifestyle with vigorous workout routines.

I lost at total of 5.5 inches from my mid-section with the 4 sessions of body contouring treatments.  My body feels lighter, tighter and more defined.

I was extremely thrilled with the results I achieved.  These are two services I will most definitely try again.     

Stay tuned for next time as I show you how my experience with the "Universal Contour Wrap" went.  


To learn more about the UNIQUE services Zealous has to offer, visit the website at

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  1. Interesting! So how long do the results last?

    1. As long as you can maintain a strict/clean-eating nutritional plan as well as continue with cardio/weigh training....the results will be permanent. A lot of people use it just to tighten up before the beach or a special event. It's definitely worth a try at least once in your lifetime :D

  2. Wow, I really want to try this!
    I think the results are very noticeable... did you experience any of the side effects you listed?

    1. No side effects at all actually. I'd say GO FOR IT! A great way to tighten up before a big event in ur life!!!


  3. Totally going to try this before my next photoshoot!

    1. Do it Sandra!!! When is ur next photoshoot?


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  5. if used for the butt, do i "lose" them? :D i've got a pancake butt, flat as heck, so i would like to know if this can help me make my bum bum bigger or am i totally hopeless :(

  6. Thank you for the information! It's so useful :)

  7. which one would you pick out of the 2 methods

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