Monday, July 30, 2012

What Do You Mean "NO CARBS"?

UGH and so it begins: The quest to get my butt into gear to slim down for my LAST photo shoot of this year with the fabulous Khammy Photography.

2 weeks 'til the day and to be honest I am already dreading all the "two-a-days" I have to push out.  I did my Tabata training this morning, which felt pretty good.  Thoughts of "I CAN DO THIS"...."I did it before so I can do it again"..."I am a CHAMP" were on my mind.  I am a true believer in being surrounded by positive mantra's whether it be displayed on your motivational wall, on a sticky note or sometimes even talking aloud (yes I talk to myself sometimes...and I am GREAT company :D

So alongside having to do two-a-days, Coach Sam says N-O to carbs.  WAAAAHHHH <--- That's me crying.

One of the things I look forward to during off-season is the increased carb intake/treat meals & the heavy-ass weight I can push out at the gym...and WHAT you are taking it away from me again?  

While most of you are enjoying your growth season, believe me when I say, I am envious of you.  I JUST WANT TO BE IN OFF-SEASON ALREADY!!!!

Phhhew it's just a couple more weeks.  I do hope they go by fast.  Note: Don't mind me if I may be acting a little crazy.  It's the lack of carbs doing the talking.  

Wish me luck!

My Mantra: "I can do this.  Easy.  No Problem."

Question: What is your Mantra?


  1. My coach sometimes has me go on No carbs too! It can be rough! LOL

    1. ya i hear u loud and clear. but it works!

  2. No carbs...gosh it does work...but it sucks! And it's hard for that first week :(