Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Holly Jolly Off-Season

Oh it's that special time of the year again!  Kinda like Christmas but WAY BETTER!  I am talking about "off-season"!!!

I say better because the weather is spectacular, my tan is au natural and my presents/gifts are my yummy treat meals :D

Wednesday is my last photo shoot of the year with the great True Charisma Photography (the last one FOR REAL this time).  I will officially be on "growth season" after that.  (Cue red velvet cupcake after last shot of the day is taken).  

Here are some of the things I will miss most:

  • My slender frame (Say hello to Holly Jolly Kimmy..HO HO HO)
  • My abs (Bye bye my dear friends)
  • Fitting into my XS clothing (WAAAAaaaahhhh)

Here are some of the things I will not miss one bit:

  • Two-a-days at the gym, specifically speaking about CARDIO (Eww)
  • Minimal carbs (I love my oats too much!)
  • Water depleting (I hate this part since water is my go-to liquid)
  • ....oh and did I mention doing cardio?  LOL

Most competitors are not lean & mean all year round (besides the pros).  What the fitness magazine show you is a fitness model at their peak.  They didn't just wake up and decide "HEY, I am going to do a photo shoot today."  

In my opinion, it takes a good 3-4 weeks of prep to be absolutely ready for a shoot.  If you are paying the photographer or even if they are offering their services complimentary...one should not waste their time and yours as well.  If you want amazing shots, you had better be putting in the work.  The camera really does add 10 lbs.  Be prepared!

If you ever see an off-season fitness model, they are a tad bit bloated than say their on-stage physique, approximately 5-15 lbs heavier and able to lift heavier weights than on pre-contest (due to the increase of energy from carbs).  

Let's face it!  If you want to see changes within your physique (even minor ones) an off-season is essential.   Temporary changes such as bloated-ness will happen but ALL OF US should embrace the changes in our "houses". 

Brick by brick...we grow to be better than the day before.  Aim for it!  

Hail to off-season!    

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  1. Off season sounds nice! You would get burnt out working that hard year round! I am sure you look great, even in your off season!
    Hope your photo shoot goes well