Friday, August 3, 2012

What's That? I Can't Hear You!

So yesterday was SUPPOSED to be a day off from the gym for me.  Notice how I use the word "supposed".  My mind occasionally overtakes how I feel.  Knowing I have only less than 2 weeks to get in tip top shape for my photo shoot, I refused to listen to what my body was telling me (OUCH!  I AM IN PAIN KIM!).  I pushed out an intense hamstring & calve workout anyways with fasted morning cardio.

BOY!  I am paying for it today.  

I woke up EXTREMELY sore, fatigued beyond words and mentally, my mind is in bits today.  I literally dragged my butt out of bed today.  Not fun at all :(

So it is safe to say TODAY IS REST DAY!  I am just going to focus all my attention and energy to the clients I have.

We are human beings and most of us make mistakes every now & then.  It's okay to make a mistake but one should always try to learn from them.  Mistakes are all about learning and growing....making yourself better.  That whole thing about "NO PAIN, NO GAIN" doesn't hold true ESPECIALLY when it's a sharp pain.  Remember:  Sharp means STOP immediately.  Muscle soreness means you can still push through it.

Our bodies naturally get adapted to the things we throw at it overtime.  What is it trying to tell you? 

  • Is your stomach growling?  
  • Are you feeling sleepy?  
  • Are you feeling muscle soreness?  
  • Are you just drained?  
  • Are you feeling energized?  
  • Happy?

Do what you feel is best because at the end of the day you are the one who is accountable for each action.  You know your body better than anyone else.  Love your "home" (your body).      

Well, this girl has definitely learned her lesson.  

Listen to your body.
 It is just as important as the workouts.  Rest, repair and growth is what we all need every once in awhile.  


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  1. It's so hard to listen sometimes especially if we have a goal in mind.
    The body needs rest days I agree!!