Thursday, January 24, 2013

IMO: Plain Jane Clean Foods vs. Food Randomness

I was having a conversation with my Fiancé Sam (oh man it is still so weird to say that haha) about if we weren't competing would we be eating the same way or not.

At first, my response was "Oh Sam, I would love to eat all the foods I wouldn't normally pizza, perogies, fish filet sandwiches, Cookies and Cream Chocolate Drops, red velvet cupcakes, leche flan (a traditional Filipino flan) and ice cream/gelato/frozen yogurt (all my fav flavours). Even eating somewhat healthy food items...I think I would could live with that."

Then I started to think of what usually occurred after....

"But then again...with junk food, I hate feeling so bloated and adding on the unnecessary weight.  I hate getting the tummy ache, the headaches, the fat ankles and being glued to the toilet immediately after. I hate the food coma. I hate waking up sleepy, so tired and unproductive for the first part of the day."

"Another thing is when there are so many options (healthy or not), it makes it more difficult to choose what to eat. You end up buying WAY too many ingredients that will most likely expire if you don't use it all. It ultimately makes our groceries bills higher. Wasting both time and money."

Conclusion: Sticking to eating the same meals consistently throughout the day works best for me. It makes life easier to manage. Makes my life easier for meal prepping. There is no thinking involved. However, I would like the occasional treat meal (just one meal...not CHEAT DAY) keep me sane of course.

I am just happy with the way I live right now. Knowing that I will continue my life journey with my partner makes the process much more enjoyable.

And they lived happily, healthy-ly after :D

Question: Which would you prefer - eating the same clean foods consistently or playing the random game of food chance?

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  1. I would love to eat clean all the time.. but sometimes its so hard to always count calories and sometimes it makes me feel sick (as in dizzy and like im not getting enough even though im maxing out my calorie goals). I do hate feeling bloated and food coma just like you said- but I have a very hard time sticking to it. I want it badly... but apparently not badly enough? I am just stuck. And I hate it... :( So jealous of your motivation.

    I also have a very busy schedule.. I imagine its much easier for you as you are a trainer- health and fitness is your life both inside and outside of work. Thats amazing.