Wednesday, October 21, 2015

It's a Funny Thing...Those Extra Carbs

Whew!  The Khammy Photoshoot was a SUCCESS!! The girls who did it looked wonderful, even the first-timers!  Amazing job ladies!  Way to come out of those shells. Boudoir shoots will definitely bring out your inner diva.  I recommend EVERY GIRL do one in their lifetime. Thanks again to my good friend Khammy for hacking it out all day. You are a real superstar!

So, you probably wanna know how I am doing now? What things I ate afterwards...right?!?

Let's start off with post-shoot:

WATER!!  Omg, it's pretty incredible how much water is a big part of my life. Every second sentence out of my mouth while shooting was "I'm SO thirsty!!" Or "I want water!"  Instead of food, it was water that I was truly craving. I downed a bottle in 10 seconds flat post-shoot. It was the best thing in life at the time.  After we finished shooting the fitness segment of the day, we went to a buffet in town here, which surprisingly we didn't go too crazy. Ate a few ribs, mashed potatoes, salad, and a few desserts. Next stop, Tutti Frutti!  A cheat is definitely not complete without making a trip there. 

After Tutti Frutti, we stopped by the grocery store (which by the way was our last stop of the night). We grabbed some munchies to go alongside our movie choice of the night : "Inside Out".  Side Note:  I loved the movie and the message that went with it. 

Anyways, after vegging out with some nachos and popcorn, we ended up calling it a night. It was a super long, successful day and we were pooped by the time of 10:30pm. 

Morning came and I was awakened by clanging in the kitchen. Sam was already hard at work on our early morning breakfast. Because it was routine to me, I quickly got my best gym gear on and headed to the gym for some earlier morning fasted cardio. You'd think I would take a break from it all huh?!?  NOPE!    After a quick 20 minutes on the treadmill, I got home to a great smelling kitchen. Yum!  Breakfast is served. I woke up Khammy and we all had breakfast together. 

Doesn't it look yummy AND healthy!?  At this point, my body already felt a little fluffy for the night prior. Even if the stuff I ate wasn't the worst junk food in the world, it was still foreign food in my system and my body was like "hey, what are you doing?"  My fluffyness usually shows up on my mid-section, and my face. Yippee to chubby cheeks (*sarcasm).

We did some promo photography shots for 9Round, had a clean sandwich at Press'd and dropped Khammy off to the airport.  A little bit of carbs here and a little bit there.

Little did I know, Sam wanted to hop to the city to take me on one last cheat before the weekend was over. We went to Red Lobster, which I totally regret now. We ordered the Endless Shrimp special and already 1/4 way into our meal, I felt pretty tapped out.  I was loving the freedom of food again but I felt it was time for "regular nutrition" to start up. 

Cue Monday.  We brought back oats and broccoli into my meal plan...more clean carbs into my life.  But with that, my mind was toying with me saying "carbs equals gaining weight". Ugh, it's such a weird thing. I understand the process but when it happens on my own body...all of a sudden it makes absolutely no sense to me like frickin' calculus.  It's now Wednesday and in still trying to adjust. So with that, I am giving myself a week to refocus and hopefully *fingers crossed*, next week will be mentally stronger. Darn my mind and always being so hard on myself. Where's the switch to turn it off because I can't seem to find it. 

These are my current struggles and most likely it is someone's daily on-going battle. It all comes down to trusting the process that your coach (aka my husband) has set out and executing the plan. Fingers crossed* Hopefully you have an amazing coach like mine that puts up with all the craziness.

Sure, it makes me sad to see my abs go but from sadness comes happiness (just like the movie we watched *hopefully I didn't spoil it for anyone) :D

We will see what new gains happen for the 2016 year. 

Bring it on BODY!!!  You got this!!


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