Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bad Dream

I had a bad dream last night. It may have to do with the fact that I had talked to someone prior. My dream was all over the place, but I do recall someone rushing off in a car. Just when I was starting to feel better about myself, I get sucked in again. I woke up quite sad and frustrated. Anyways....

I went to the gym again today for another outstanding 2 hours. Did my other 2 circuits my trainer had made up for me and some cardio at the very end. Yet again, my body was telling me to stop, but my mind was wanting to keep going. I kept thinking to myself "you can do it."

I had my good junior high school friend, Eric, over today to tinker around with music for a potential making of a male/female group and a song for his bride on their wedding day. So sweet. We eventually got to songs about loving ones self and hate. "I'm so sick of love songs. So tired of tears. So done with wishing you were still here. Said I'm so sick of love sad and slow. So why can't I turn off the radio?" Use singing as an outlet to sing all my sorrows away...okay okay I'll stop with the depressing stuff.

What am I doing now? Thinking about what I should do about my current situation. I know I should cut him off..I know. It's hard because he wants to be friends. I need to sleep on it. Cross your fingers that I will be able to tonight.

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  1. Hi Kimmy... I wanna say thanks for being so open about your journey. By the way you look fantastic!! All that hard work really paid off! Looking at your transformation really makes me wanna get my ass in gear too! Thanks heaps!!!