Saturday, October 31, 2009

"MY" Night

"I got a feeling. That tonight's gonna be a good night." And yesterday was.

I had dropped my brother to school for his midterm and drove myself early to the gym before my 7:00 pm personal training session with Amy. I started out with my regular circuit when Amy came over and said her 6:15 pm client canceled. We ended to having a double slot (1 hour and 30 minutes). Let me tell you it was quite intense. She made up a new circuit for myself that includes cardio, legs, arms, abs...just about everything. I had told her it would be ideal if this circuit could cater to my goal of a "total body makeover". She put in 12 different exercises....12...she is truly insane, but then again I want that "insane" body. After the gym, I was completely exhausted.

Republic was slow at first when we got there at 10:30 but it got bumpin' around 12:30 am. Had my awesome friends there (Diana, Christian, Devon, mL, Des, Lisa). It was great fun. It was my night. My first official night where I felt my sexiest, danced my heart out and was FREE. Oh let me tell you, my legs were so sore from all the non-stop crazy dancing. We stayed until 1:30 am. Only bunk part about yesterday was my phone stopped gay. After I got home, I loaded the pics on my computer, listened to my baby Michael Buble and chilled in front of the computer 'til 4:00 am. GREAT NIGHT.

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