Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Night

Today, I took it easy quite literally. I slept in as per usual. I didn't work out because my body was telling me "NO". I did some chores around the house. Accompanied my sister, Mabel, at Superstore for her groceries. Then showered and got ready. I did not have any idea as to what I was going to wear for Halloween. At first, it was a toss up between a geisha girl and a nurse. Then I remembered I had a b-ball jersey and decided to go for a b-ball girl look. It turned out quite well with some elements from home and my sister's place (headband and electrical tape for the strips on my knee high socks).

The kiddies were lacking in the area my sister lived. We got about 12 kids...that's it. While waiting for the kids to ring the doorbell and say the infamous lines "trick-or-treat", my sister and I decided to take back our childhood and watch "The Labyrinth" with Jennifer Connolly and David Bowie. Good movie.

My gay phone wasn't working after my sisters place, so I decided to head over to Devon's house without notice (I know..I'm so rude). He was luckily still at home. We watched some of the movie "Bogeyman 3" while trying to figure out our plans for the evening. We decided to head over to Lorraine's place.

When we got there they had already started to play the movie "28 Weeks Later". Let me tell you, I am not a fan of scary movies and this one is no exception to that rule. I found myself screaming most of the movie. And just when I thought it was done for the evening, they popped in the movie "Dawn of the Dead". YES...MORE SCARY. I had to cover my eyes for some of the scenes. Yes...yes I am a huge baby. My heart was racing the whole entire time...not to mention even after the movie. I hope I can sleep tonight.

Note to self: check underneath my bed for zombies and lock my doors...haha.

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