Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Another Night-mare...Another Dream

Well once again, I wake up feeling like a big pile of crap. Yet another dream...or more appropriately...a nightmare. I do not even want to get started as to what this one was about because even writing it would bring back those upsetting feelings. Not a good thing.

I went about my day as per usual. Went to school and then hit the gym. I did my new total body circuit twice through and 10 minutes on the StairMaster but had to leave due to a prior commitment.

When I got home, my dad, my brother and I raked all the leaves on our property. Lemme tell you something...I have never hated leaves so much in my life. Mothertucking leaves. You would think doing something like that would leave your mind empty except for the task at hand. Boy was I wrong. All I did when I was raking leaves was...umm...yep...you guessed it...."THINK". Gawd. I'm so sick of it. Is there maybe a device out there that can erase part of your memory. If so, please send to me IMMEDIATELY. Thanks.

Afterward, I thought to myself the workout I did earlier on in the day was probably not good enough because there was a lack of cardio. I went to the Shapes website to see what classes were coming up within the hour. Saw there was a 4:25 pm STEP class...looked at the clock, which read 3:45 pm and decided I was going to go for it. I've never been to a class before. I have always wanted to go with a friend because I was always so scared to go on my own. I thought to myself..."SELF, YOU CAN DO IT." Went to the gym for the 2nd time that day. I setup my riser and took my place. When the class started, the instructor had asked the class if there were any first-timers present. I wasn't going to put up my hand at first but after consideration I thought "Whatever. I got no shame. No one knows me anyways. Here I go." I put up my hand and all the eyes in the room went on me. I felt a little flushed but that only lasted for a second. I missed a couple of steps here and there but once we got into the groove I was finding the class challenging (in a good way). I was smiling through my sweat. This is one of the reasons why I thoroughly enjoy working out. It's the challenge and the endorphins that are released. Your mind is at ease. You temporary forget anything troubling you. You are here and pretty much just having a great time while helping your body. After the class, I told the instructor how much I enjoyed it. She said for my very first time in step class I did a great job. Sure, I feel sore but I'm loving it. I feel great. I am now considering substituting one or two days of my 20-30 minute cardio workout with a class. The only thing I'm not loving is the recent discovery of my lack of boobage. The one downfall with working out and losing weight. Booerns to that. Until tomorrow.

Ta ta for now.

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