Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Oh So Sore

Wow I feel like a truck has just run me over. I am super sore from my workout yesterday. My body is telling me not to workout today but my mind is saying the opposite. The hurt I am currently feeling could also contribute to the lack of sleep I had last night. I got ready for bed around 12:00 am. I also took a sleeping pill because I just knew I would have a rough time getting to sleep. I tossed, turned and went to the bathroom on many occasions. There was even a point when I said to myself "I JUST WANT TO GO TO SLEEP". The last clock reading I remembered was 2:45 am. I did not have a dream last night (thank goodness). I woke up to a blackberry messenger message from my friend Jant around 10:00 am. Had some cornflakes, went to school and am now waiting for my friend Joe to give me a ring-a-ding to chill this afternoon. If I get more energy, I may workout on the co-ed side later on. Maybe see some hot guys...haha. But I'll tell you guys about my adventures later on this evening. Have a great afternoon.

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