Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Luxalune Evening/Training Session w/ Amy

Christian and I went to the mall after dinner. I found a couple of things at Urban Behaviour. Christian picked out a black lace dress I would normally not take a second glance at and a cute black mini skirt. They looked fab in the change room. I tried on a black lace top as well, which I am now thinking of going back and purchasing. I thought it was nice, but Christian didn't like it. Whatever. I am going to get it.

After the mall, we scooped up Jen, who had just arrived back home from her Vietnam trip only 40 minutes ago, and Karl to met up with Devon and Charmaine at Luxalune Gastropub. When we arrived, the place was quite busy. We had some good food and some great beers/drinks. Conversation between all of us ranged from sex, guys, girls, poker...pretty much touched on every subject. We had some great laughs. The place closed at 12:00 am. We didn't want to end the night there, so we decided to go to Shell and rent a move.

It almost took 30 minutes for us to mutually decide on a movie from the very small range they had. We picked the movie "Mama's Boy" with the guy from Napoleon Dynamite and Anna Farris. I think the movie didn't make it to movie theaters because I have never heard of it before yesterday. It was not too bad. A solid 6.


No school today..hip hip hooray. I woke up late, had my Fiber 1 cereal and relaxed in my room until 1:00 pm. I went over to my sister's house to view her boudoir pictures she had taken a year ago. I had mentioned to my sister I wanted to take some professional boudoir pictures near my birthday as a treat for myself. So when I am old and wrinkly I can say "DAMN, I was FINE." Stayed and had a little heart-to-heart sisterly chat until my training session at 2:30 pm.

Today, Amy added some new exercises to the mix. She also analyzed my shoulder because I had complained to her earlier on in the week of pain. With that, she left out some exercises. After the session was over, I went over to the treadmill for jog/run internal training on the women's side. I really think it is a psychological thing with me not feeling tired when I workout on the Co-Ed side. Today, I just felt so tired and drained. I kept on looking at the timer on the machine to see when I would be done. I know now what I must do. From now on, CARDIO IS DONE ON CO-ED SIDE....ALWAYS.

Afterward, I went to Winners to check out the deals. I found a really cute pair of dark denim jeans and a sexy pair of heels. I needed a new pair of jeans anyways. The jeans I normally wear are getting a little baggy on the waist and bum-bum, which is AWESOME. Yah for me!!! I'm losing weight/inches and feeling just great. Only 2 months to reach my goal of 15 pounds. I can do it!!!

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