Friday, November 13, 2009


Same thing everyday. I like routine though.

That's how it going to be for...well...for a long while. Each and every single day. I just realized today that I only have 2 more months until "my deadline" for TBM (Total Body Makeover) for my potential Brazil excursion/Pink Elephant Photography boudoir photo shoot. Push it to the limit.

Went to the gym today and did my somewhat new TBM circuit, as well as my cardio interval training on the treadmill and yes I was right. I get a better cardio workout on the co-ed side. Afterward, I did my stretching and ran into my neighborhood/childhood friend Nick Smith. He flirted with me a bit saying he has pretty much had a crush on me since junior high (about 10 years) and that I was hot...even at the gym..eek. He is such a sweet guy, but I just want a friendship...for any of the guys I meet right now. He said he wanted to party it up because he sensed I was new to the game and didn't know how to play. Soon my friend...soon.

We had a full class for pole dancing today. With that, I had to use the pole at the front of the class, which is also the instructors everyone was looking at moi the whole darn class. We learned some great new moves. One move was called "flirting". It is so sexy. You are on your back, legs straight up in the air....bend the knees keeping legs together at all times....making circles with your legs. We also learned "the bow". It is quite an awkward move. I may need to practice at home. Look up these moves if you want to see the real deal. Only two more weeks to go, which is saddening but sign up for Pole II is just around the corner.

Anyways, we will see what happens this weekend. Everything is up in the air right now. All I know is I have to workout extra hard tomorrow. I ate a couple of questionable things today (aka Sun Chips and Salted Almonds), both high in sodium.

It'll be better tomorrow. I promise.

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