Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wow! It's Been 5 Days

What's Happened?

Friday: Went to Republic for Lisa's birthday, the new fellas came out, went to eat at East Ocean with the fellas

Saturday: Went to Jon Siu's birthday at his house, then over to Noogen's apartment with the new fellas 'til 3:00 am

Sunday: Had dinner at grandma's house, then Tony Roma's with the new fellas, and bubbletea at Global Tea House...later that night I had a fever

Monday: Didn't go to school or the gym because I was feeling like a big pile of crap

Tuesday: Didn't go to the gym but went to school. Had an interview.

Wednesday: school, gym, study...boring stuff.

And that's what you missed.

P.S. Here is week 5. It kinda looks like I'm Super Woman. I guess the logo on my top reflected on my camera...hehe. I'm sure it looks quite similar to week 4 (except for the fact I'm wearing different clothes) because I didn't workout for 2 days yikes. I'm also confident week 6 will look similiar to week 5, because I also missed 2 days at the gym because I had a fever. Bah. Gotta push it for the next 4 days. You can do it!!!

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