Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wow It's Been A Long While

Sorry I haven't been on here to update you. I've been so busy with school and such. You haven't missed much. I'm not sure if I had posted earlier in another post but I am currently on a bet with Kimsong. The bet is to see whoever has the most results (physical) in a month just by using images of ourselves. The loser pays for the winners meal. Mary lou is going to be our impartial judge. Judging commences on the 31st of this month. I am working really hard at the gym right now and have recently started up a new diet Joe has graciously given to me. I am going to win. I mean we are both winners in the end but I want to come out on top. He keeps saying he is going to win, which compels me more for the challenge. I am still taking my transformation/progression pictures each week but they are now with me in my undies, therefore I will not post them up anymore. Waaa waaa waaa. Sorry.

This weekend is going to tons of fun though. 3 bday in 1 day at Republic Nightclub. My friend, who is also the owner was able to get us the VIP Pole room. You don't even k now how frickin' excited I am. I finally get to practice my moves in front of a crowd. Mentally, I have a routine but we will see how it plays out on Saturday.

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