Sunday, December 20, 2009

Compliments...How I Love Thee

Earlier this week at Shapes, I was just minding my own business on the stationary bike near the front door by reception when Stacey, a super sweet employee, came up to me and said something that made my day for sure. She said "Kim, since you have started here at look just FABULOUS." I thanked her and tried my hardest not to smile after she left. So nice of her to say.

Today, my trainer Amy said I have significantly increased weights lifted and endurance. She said the girl that came in a month ago about her breakup is a totally different girl now. It is very true. I am much stronger mentally and physically.

This week I am going hardcore. Workout everyday for 1 hour and 30 minutes first thing in the morning. I have already set my alarm for tomorrow. 9 o clock is start time. I really have to watch what I eat. A couple of times this week I have overindulged on chips. Not a good thing if I want to be...well where I wanna be...which is 10 pounds lighter. I have to stick to the strict diet plan. Here it is:

Morning: 3-4 egg whites, Oats with water (Splenda is optional)

Snack: Banana, Apple, Carrots, or Celery Sticks

Lunch: Tuna, Chicken or Salmon

Snack: Protein Shake

After Workout: Protein Shake

Dinner: Chicken, Tuna, Salmon or Lean Ground Beef with Veggies

Snack: Carrots or Celery sticks

It's quite hard with the holiday season, but I'll make it work. Key word is "PINK ELEPHANT". I want to look great for my pictures and my upcoming birthday bash. Wish me luck.

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