Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thank You Exercise!!!

Went to the gym today and had an okay workout. I did my all over body circuit x2, as well as my arm/shoulder/back circuit x2. Since I haven't been going to the gym for a long time since my last stretch of not going, I am easing into my cardio. Today, I did 40 minutes on the stationary bike. It's kinda weak as compared to what I was doing before (30 minutes of treadmill interval run/jog training). I really have to step it up for the remainder of the week and next. Now is a good time as any to "kick it up a notch".

I am starting to really notice my abs, which is just amazing. It is something I have always wanted. But I still need to step up my cardio in order to really see them coming through.

I want to thank this thing called "working out". It has really helped me through some tough-ass times in my life, especially the garbage I went through last year. I don't even remember why or how I got to the lowest point in physical activity & health, but I'm glad something in me got its senses knocked in. Sometimes I think back and remember how I used to avoid the gym at all costs. I guess part of it had to be with laziness. I don't think I could ever do without exercise anymore. This is how dedicated I am. I am hardcore. Now, it's not a matter of forcing myself to go to the gym. I know I have to go to the gym because THE GYM IS GOOD FOR ME AND MY BODY. The lucky guy (if there is ever going to be one again) who I end up with will have to be as hardcore as myself with working out. If not, I really don't see it working out. I need someone in my life who adopts the same mentality as I do with physical activity. They have to care just as much about their body as I care about mine. It's funny to say now but exercise is a big part of my life now. I need it. I crave it.

I want to win the bet. I know I can win. I just really have to stop eating the junk I have lately. If I can get back to the strict diet, I know I can do it. It is quite nice to have a motivating force behind working out. Mind you, with my last ex, my driving force for working out was to shove it in his face for him to see what he was missing out on. I think I definitely completed that task. But this time around, I am not just working out hardcore because of this bet and then after the bet, I'll just stop. Working out is a lifestyle now. There is no turning back.

"That girl is so dangerous. She's a bad girl." - Akon ft Kardinal Offishall

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