Sunday, January 10, 2010

Yah Birthday Week!!!

This year is going to be the best birthday yet. I honestly and truly believe that. No "boy" drama, because most guys are little boys or at least act like them. No depressing thoughts running through my mind on my special day like last year. There is a huge difference as to where I was then as compared to now. I am one strong, powerful, dominating and let's not forget SEXY woman. So with all that, there are a few preparations that need to be attended to to beautify myself.

Here's my list:
Get Lashes Refilled
Makeup professionally done by M.A.C. Cosmetics
Tan (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
Hair done by my stylist
Gel nails, pedicure & possibly a Brazilian wax (eek)
Look for unique rings, bracelets & purse

I want to look my best because it's my day and all those things I am doing is to treat myself. Because "I AM A DIVA." lolI deserve it after such a hard year. I got a couple of options for an outfit. It is just so hard to pick one. The one thing I got on my mind when trying my outfits on is "does this make me look fat?" I know..I know. So bad to think those things but my self confidence comes and goes. I have to work extra hard at the gym this week and really watch what I eat. No junk. Junk food is junk for the body. With self confidence, I guess it has something to do with my previous relationships and growing up a little overweight. It kinda sticks with you throughout your life.

Even though I heard great feedback from people since I started working out, there is more I need to do. I am never finished until I am satisfied. Come summertime, I know I will be ready. Can't wait to strut my stuff in a bikini and show off my confidence. I found a quote the other day. It really stuck with me. Few words but powerful ones.

"Commit to be fit."

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