Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mind Your Business

So I was listening to my jams getting into the groove of my weight training program at the YMCA when I was so rudely interrupted by a middle-aged man, who seemed to me was a social butterfly and a little on the heavier side. He was trying to tell/show me how to do a bicep curl...ME! You gotta be kidding me. I am a trainer for Pete's sake. To be brutally honest, I am more fit than most guys at the gym...eek. I know how to do them properly. I think he was "trying" to help or flirt when REALLY he was breaking down my concentration and focus. I am all about focus in my workouts. I am in the zone. The ONLY person I concentrate on is...well...ME!. That just drives me nuts. Leave me alone...gaaah.

So the Zellers on Henderson is closing for business. Sad I know but with that comes discounts galore. I got a cute school girl long sleeved sweater for 5 bucks. I also got...drum roll please...MC Hammer pants lol. They are so comfy. It is not even funny how much I just adore wearing these pants. ONLY $4. I know! Crazy. I got a wicked deal on vitamins (50% off at all Zellers). I stocked up on B100 Complex (all the b vitamins), CoQ10, and Niacine. If you guys don't know what those are just look it up. All are great for the mind, body and soul....BUT the following day..... of the vitamins gave me an allergic reaction!!!!

So I take my stack at the same time each day, which is when I wake up in the morning. With my regular stack, I included the 3 new vitamins. About 30 minutes later, I found my skin to be really irritated and my whole body felt warm. I looked down at my skin and what did I see but goosebumps. I wasn't even cold. I looked in the mirror to find a cherry red face. Now silly kimmy, she doesn't even know which of the vitamins gave her that reaction and is too nervous to try it out again anytime soon. So for now, the bottles are gonna collect dust until I am off my fat burner, which is what I think is the problem. Oh how sad as I was so excited about these babies. I will attempt sometime soon and let you in on my condition. I just hope I don't end up looking like another itchy, red monster.

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