Monday, September 27, 2010

Blast Through It Baby

So usually when the weather is nice out I wear my gym attire (aerobic shorts & tank) to the YMCA. One beautiful day I was walking to the gym and these two young men coming towards me yelled out something. I wasn't sure at the time what they were saying but as they neared I heard one of them clearly say "nice ass". I pretended not to hear them but they just yelled it out louder and louder as they passed me. Although quite rude, I was oddly flattered. Crazy youngsters.

Sam & I dropped by Meyer's to pay the fellas a visit like we normally do and they had just got a new pre-workout called Razor8 Blast Powder by AllMax Nutrition. Sam, being a self-proclaimed guinea pig, decided to test it out. To my surprise, he even said I could try it out. Only 1/2 a scoop since by looking at the nutritional information this stuff was quite strong. Sam said he felt his eyes bulge about a minute later. I didn't feel anything at first but as I got into my workout it really kicked in. I did an extra set (making it 4) for each exercise. I finished off my leg/glute weight training with a bit of cardio and this time it was spectacular. I did my interval training for much longer (25 minutes) with the running interval for 2 minutes and walking for 1 minute. After my cardio was done, I wanted to do MORE. But I wanted to be smart about it so I skipped directly to the stretching part. Now let's review:

Taste: 8
Focus/Concentration: 10
Price: 7

I have to say this pre-workout is right up there with Purus Labs Muscle Marinade. On a taste level, this is quite tasty as compared to other pre-workouts. My concentration & intensity was unmoving, which I loved. The one downfall I have is the anxious feeling. I was feeling a little uneasy & jittery WAY after my workout. But overall, this one has got to be one of the strongest pre-workouts I have ever tried. Not for the weak at heart that's for sure. So if you want a really strong pre-workout when you really just don't have it in you, this baby will do it for you and then some.

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