Wednesday, September 22, 2010

X Marks The Spot

Today marks the first day of the 6-month long healthy eating challenge (of course minus the bi-monthly or monthly carbload) for the Novice Competition this coming March (if I feel as though I am ready). I call it a challenge because it's going to be challenging staying away from bad food. Why is it that bad food tastes so darn good? Oh what a world!!! With this monumental day comes the beginning of another body composition makeover, alongside a new cycle of my fat burner for a week.

I am quite delighted & satisfied with all the progress I've made within the last year but there is still much to do to get my body prepared. Here is a picture of the Top 3 Bikini Winners from this year's MABBA Novice Competition. OMG do I have my work cut out for myself. Here are some of the things I need to work on in the coming months.

  • Get Balanced
  • - There are some muscles larger than others. I need to even this out
  • Core Needs More
  • - I'm halfway there. It is just the bottom half of my abs that is stubborn. Go away fat.
  • Lower Back Pain
  • - I have a nice upper back but its the lower half that is behind. More homework for me.
  • Get Toned, Tanned, Fit & Ready
  • - Overall, I need to be more toned. My muscles need to come out more. You all know what that means. More cardio for a lower body fat percentage.

    I do believe I have what it takes to place in the top 5. To even be in the top 3 would just be amazing. If I did, I'd happily tell people "I am a body builder", which I believe you can only say after you have been in a competition. One can dream and hopefully make it a reality. My goal. X marks the spot.

    Recently, I have been introduced to this disgustingly great show on the Travel Channel called "Man vs Food" by my friend Ian (thanks bud). Here is a little snippet of what the show is about.
    "...Adam is on a journey to explore the biggest and best eats our nation has to offer, including some of the craziest eating challenges around." This guy is my hero. I was watching this one episode of his journey to Las Vegas. Now I adore breakfast. Breakfast has got to be one of my favourite meals. And I love Eggs Benedict. Take my two loves and increase the size exponentially...well now...I'd just be in food heaven. It looks just insane and sounds equally insane. It consists of sage fried chicken with spinach, hardwood smoked bacon, market tomato, griddled mozzarella, smothered in chipotle cream and topped with scrambled eggs. All Benedicts are served on a fresh split biscuit with griddled mashed potatoes. The bacon even has flare, as it is placed crisscrossed on the Eggs Benedict biscuit. I wonder how many calories are in this thing. My guess...2-3 days worth for a normal person's diet. Eek.

    Which leads me to my next point. What is normal now? The Americas are #1 when it comes to obesity. Yet as years go by, restaurants and large corporations are making their products bigger and bigger (Super Size Me). What kind of example are we setting out for the generations to come? We certainly are on the right path to minimize that dreadful statistic with healthier options available but "they" aren't helping with this saddening epidemic. Sam pointed out something that really stuck with me. He had said something like "...what I don't get is all these American TV shows. If a large percentage of them fall into the obese category, then why are all the characters skinny people." They aren't the "norm". Tell us the truth TV moguls and show us who WE really are.

    So today, I was at a restaurant with Sam for lunch and I think (but I'm not 100 percent sure) my ex was there. It is so weird as today's date marked 6 months of being together on last year's calendar, which we had celebrated in an amazing fashion. Haven't seen the guy in almost a year. Of all days huh? Oh big man, how you work in mysterious ways.

    Whatever the case my be...Life goes on &mine is amazing :D

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