Sunday, February 6, 2011


Listening to "Back To The Way" by London in my big comfy red chair. What a song. The message is something I would not want for myself NOW, but I most definitely could of seen my sad self "back" then with my heart on my chest in pain.

The Cycle: People meet. People create relationships. People have fun with one another. People fight. People make up. Some break up and go their separate ways. Some create lasting relationships.

"It wasn't in the stars" or "it wasn't meant to be". I can now say "I believe you". It so hard to believe people when they say things are only going to get better from here when your heart is just in such pain. But it's true. The worst (or what we hope) is over. Try seeing the positive in any situation. You could even see it as a learning experience. People grow to be stronger individuals by going through such turmoil and drama.

Living in the past is not the way to live as I know some do. "WHEN I was such and such I DID such and such." But it's okay to reminisce sometimes. Sure go ahead...just think about all the great memories. It makes your heart weak...doesn't it? It would be incredible to relive CERTAIN moments.

Side Note Question: When is someone going to make a time machine? :D

But getting back on track...It is called the past for a reason. All you have are sweet & some sour memories. Realistically, for all the good times...there are just as many bad times.

So now all we can do is move forward. With each passing day, things will get better. The pain will subside. Just go along for the ride...your life

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