Thursday, February 24, 2011

7 Random Facts Award

Hey all,

Thanks to Krista for putting me up for this award on her blog at Awake & Dreaming. Read her blog its a goodie!!!

1. When I was 6 years old or so I almost drowned in a hotel pool in South Dakota. Luckily, a young boy saved me before it was too late. Thank you whoever you are.

2. When I lived in Calgary, I had a guy follow/stalk me all the way from downtown to my area in Somerset. It was so scary. I sped up my pace and so did he until I was almost jogging. He came up to my condo door and peered in to see if I was there. He then proceded to peep through all the main floor windows (peeping Tom). At this time, we called the police. Unfortunately, the police did not catch him.

3. I am a self taught HTML graphic designer/web coder since I was in grade 7. I designed web pages for friends on I even designed a successful Backstreet Boys fan webpage. Silly I know, but I got a ton of hits. Good times for sure.

4. I can make 3 folds on my tongue. Not sure how I figured this out. So random I know...haha

5. I am double jointed in both my hands and my toes. My favourite past time is freaking people out with this weird abnormality.

6. I didn't get my ears pierced until I was 18 years old at Claire's Accessories. The reason I got them pierced was my mom & dad got myself an earring/necklace set to wear for graduation.

7. I could've been a lifeguard since I finished my certification but I didn't want that liability in my hands. I still swim to this day but not as often as I would like. It's great exercise and tons of fun.


I am sure there are more interesting facts but these were the only ones I could think of at the top of my head.

Here are the rules:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to their blog.
2. Post seven random facts about yourself.
3. Pass on the award along to 15 other worthy bloggers. Since I do not have that many blogger friends, I'll link to the ones I got.

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1 comment:

  1. Ahhh, #2 = so creepy!

    I used to be able to fold my tongue into 3 a long time ago... I can't anymore. I used to practice and practice... not much else to do in elementary school, haha.

    These are good facts! Haha, thanks for reblogging! it's always fun to do... though I know some people find them annoying. =(