Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"Free" - Nelly Furtado

I adore the word "FREE". My eyes just light up with joy. Now this blog may be boring to anyone who doesn't tan, but for those who do, ONWARD WITH YOU....

Recently, I saw an advertisement for a week's work of complimentary tanning at Lava Sun Tan Studios. Before this week, I have never heard of it this place. So, I grabbed my friend Joe and we went together to check, check, check it out.

We got a tour of the place and all 3 beds available to clients: level 1 bed, level 2 bed, and a level 3 bed. Now the complimentary tanning only came with the level 1 bed but Morgan, the manager, had mentioned for an extra $3 you can upgrade to the level 2 bed OR for an extra $6 you can get the level 3 bed. I automatically opted for the highest level due to my upcoming competition and my need to get dark as I can.

Visually, the bed looks l like a spacecraft, which is completely opposite of what I am used to at Fabutan and TanFX. When I got in the tanning bed, I felt like I was in the spaceship. The bed heated up right away. The bulbs were amazing hot, which I love. I love to have that little pool of sweat under me. They have a great facial tanner and many different adjustments for cooling fans at different points on your body. Only 9 minutes had gone by and by that time I was done. I jumped out of the bed and noticed a trail of sweat following. I know gross....shh u. I said to myself "damn that's a good bed". I wiped down everything and yep there was a lot of wipe up.

I exited my room and talked to the owner a bit longer. Cross your fingers ladies and gents, as you could be looking at the new Lava Sun Tan Studios girl. Woot woot! Just casual for now as my schedule as a personal trainer is all over the place and never constant anyways, so It would fit quite nicely. Plus I would adore the free tanning the company would offer as a benefit (YES!!!). I highly recommend this studio to everyone I know. I feel in love after only 1 session. It is well worth the drive for this amazing studio. Check it out for yourself while this promotion still lasts. GO NOW!!!

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