Monday, February 14, 2011

So many little time

So I've decided instead of jotting things down on a post-it, Blogger is going to be my reference point for my to-do list. Reason being is because I usually throw out the post-it by accident a couple of days later. Here are some but certainly not all of the things I need to do to prep myself before the competition (minus nutrition & exercise):
  • "Dark as night" - Tan for 20 mins a day or every 2nd day)
  • "'re being judged" - Start whitening my pearly whites that I'll be shooting over to just the male judges....ya you heard me :D
  • "I need a lift" - Get "BareLifts" from Showcase at Polo Park Shopping Centre. These babies will make me perky. Damn you small boobies & low body fat
  • "Make me BEE-utiful" - Look for a professional makeup artist
  • "Extra volume and va-va-voom" - Possibly get a hair stylist
  • "Look into my eyes" - Possibly get some coloured contacts. I want to be unique and stand out. Kinda extreme...Yes..but my choice
  • "Scrub a dub dub" - Exfoliate all over every couple of days and proper facial care
  • "Bling Bling" - Go to Michael's to find unique jewels to add to my suit
  • "Strike a pose" - Practice my posing, flexing and breathing techniques with Darryl a couple times a week

To Be Continued....


  1. OKAY OKAY I know this is for competition. But girly, You are beautiful, and you have an amazing smile plus all those other things in that list. I am positive things will go great at the competition. You are who you are and those judges will see it.

    PLUS I will be there with a neon pink sign reminding you just how awesome you are.....that should bring a smile for those silly judges :)

  2. awww thanks my dear. I just want to STAND OUT. I got a lot of stuff crossed off the list though, which I am happy about.